Product ReviewsRaven Tools Review 2022

Raven Tools Review 2022

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If you’re involved in search engine marketing you should always find the best SEO tools that will help you set up marketing campaigns properly.

A tool you don’t want to miss is Raven Tools.

This is an all-in-one SEO solution for SERP campaigns.

With Raven SEO Tools, you’ll get a full marketing report to track your Search Engine Marketing progress.

This amazing tool comes with a lot of features that can help any online marketer.

Raven Tools doesn’t perform only one task, it performs multiple tasks when it comes to internet marketing in general.

It’s a full solution to your SEO and online marketing needs.

Raven offers one of the best marketing reports to webmasters and SEO agencies.

But then should we just believe what they claim?

We’ll find out in this review. We’ll walk you through the features that make the tool stand out from the crowd and you’ll be able to figure out whether the tool is worth trying or not.

Let’s dive in and see what’s inside this powerful SEO tool.

Site Auditor

We’ll begin with site auditing because it’s the very first step every webmaster or SEO specialist would like to run on a website because it reveals the health condition of any site.

You have to first identify your site problems before making any improvements and that’s what the site-auditor in Raven Tools does.

Raven Tools site editor will evaluate your website based on 17 metrics to give you an overall level of optimization for your website.

This will check your website speed; visibility problems, content, semantics, image optimization, and other data that will help improve your rankings.

Within seconds or a few minutes, you’ll be presented with an insight report that reveals the entire structure of your website.

It will show areas that need improvements and the steps you need to take in order to improve your website performance in the search engines.

You’ll also get an overall score that demonstrates the level of performance for the given website; it will rate your website with a score between 0-100.

The closer you’re to 100 the better your website performance in any search engine.

You can choose the errors you don’t want to fix, this is helpful as not all SEO metrics have to be checked right away, and some also are not even relevant when it comes to the current SEO updates.

But all in all, Raven tools site auditor will highlight the important ones and before hiding any error you make sure it’s definitely not relevant and there is no much preference in the search engines.

You can find out about the importance of metrics by consulting SEO experts and using SEO forums.

Raven Tools site-auditor can run on multiple devices including tablets and SmartPhones.

Raven Tools Rank Tracker

All the SEO efforts you put on your website are to ensure that your website rankings are always at the top.

As you optimize your website pages you want to check your ranking status so that you can track your progress.

Rank Tracker tool is included in the Raven Tools suit.

Using the rank tracker you can check the ranking of your keywords, you can check the ranking at different time intervals, which can be daily, weekly, monthly.

You can choose a lot of options for checking your ranks.

For instance, you can select the location, device, and the search engine you want to get the data from.

The number of keywords you can track depends on the plan you choose. When your account limit is reached you’ll be charged $0.003 for each keyword or you have to upgrade to a higher plan.

Raven Tools Backlink Analysis

SEO tools aren’t complete without Backlink checking tools.

Almost every SEO campaign requires Backlinks analysis and your task becomes easier with Raven tools because it allows you to check the Backlinks of any website, and will provide data for each Backlink so that you can figure out the quality of all the Backlinks sources.

If you’re looking for websites to build links you can discover up to 50,000 URLs with a single search.

Enough data is included to help you understand the nature of the Backlink such as anchor text, whether it’s a no-follow or do-follow, and other things that are important in determining the quality of a Backlink.

Raven tools Backlink analysis will help you remove spammed Backlinks for your website.

Once you find these low-quality websites adding your links you should contact them to remove them immediately.

Another important feature of the backlink analysis tool is that it reveals the backlink source of your competitors.

You then check the data for these backlinks sources and then come up with better websites that will accept your links and help you outrank your competition easily.

Backlinks play a major role in website ranking, so you don’t want to skip researching your competitor’s backlink sources.

Raven Tools Keyword Research Tool

The keywords you optimize your pages will determine your website ranking.

There are keywords that are just beyond your reach to rank.

You want to find moderate keywords that are easier to rank and will bring in more traffic to your website.

The keyword research tool that’s available in Raven Tools Dashboard will help you uncover profitable keywords that are easier to rank in any search engine.

The keyword research tool can get data from all the major search engines including Google, Bing, Moz, Majestic, and others.

First, you can find the search volume of each keyword you have in your list and secondly, you’ll find keywords that are related to your seed keywords.

It’s really worthy to consider keyword suggestions because sometimes they’re better than the current keyword lists you have.

The keyword tool won’t just show you search volume, you can also find the ranking difficulty of any keyword.

You click on each keyword and you’ll find more information about it.

Explore Your Competitor’s Strategy

Researching on your competitors is a must if you want better rankings for your websites.

Some websites and URLs are just too big to compete with.

It’s not easy to compete with websites like Wikipedia, BBC, and government websites.

The competitor research tool will show who is ranking for what, and by looking at their data you can figure out whether you should compete with them or not.

The competitor tool will compare your website against your competitors so that you can see which pages are better.

Raven Tools Pay Per Click (PPC) tool

If you want to run online ads you should try this PPC tool that comes in the Raven tools collection.

The PPC tool will help extract information about online ads used in your niche.

It will drive data from the most popular traffic sources like Google ads, Facebook ads, and Bing ads.

These are the giant websites that provide effective PPC services.

Before running your online ads you want to find out what is working and how it’s done?

Without enough research, you’ll end up losing a lot of money with PPC services.

You have to be careful especially when it comes to Google ads.

Before bidding for any keyword you should use Raven Tools PPC to find the CTR, CPM, Clicks, impressions for any given keyword.

This tool will show enough info for any given keyword so that you can set up your campaigns wisely and with minimum risk.

With this tool, you can view how an ad appears to potential customers and you can replicate their strategy.

Raven Tools Social Media Management Tool

Most SEO tools don’t include social media management feature in their suit, but Raven Tools do a wonderful job by integrating social media management in their suit collection.

The social media management tool allows users to schedule posts which is one of the tedious tasks when it comes to social media management.

This way you can reach out to more audiences by automatically updating all social media accounts.

You’ll also be able to view important data related to your social media accounts.

Email Marketing

This is also another important feature you hardly find in any SEO tool collection.

Even if you do, you find that it’s just for extracting leads.

But Raven Tools goes beyond that. It allows you to track your click rate, open rate, and the number of people that unsubscribe from your list.

Overall this tool allows you to see the performance of all your email marketing campaigns with a few clicks.

Raven Tools Integrations

Raven Tools is a powerful SEO suit, but if you still want to integrate with other tools and services, you’re welcome.

You can integrate Raven tools with tools and services like Google Search Console, Majestic, and more…

Plus more services might be added in future versions.

Creating A Campaign With Raven Tools

Before doing anything you have to first create a campaign.

When you create a campaign all data and report will be for that campaign, that’s to say the website you added.

Here are the steps to create a campaign

Head over to the menu option and select the option “Add campaign”, then a setup wizard appears where you fill in campaign information.

Next, you enter the URL you want for the campaign. You should use a website that you want your data to be based on, add your domain as

Next is to connect accounts, you can add Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and Google ads account to your campaign.

That’s the basic setup of your campaign, you then hit the submit button and your campaign is set.

You can now start searching for keywords or analyze your website for improvements.

Raven Tools Pricing Options

So with all the features and benefits mentioned, how much does Raven Tools cost?

Raven Tools have different pricing plans. Let’s review each plan and its limitations to determine the one that suits your needs.

Small Business Plan

Raven tools pricing starts at $468 per year, or you can pay monthly at $39/Month.

With this plan, you can set up three campaigns and the account can be accessed by only one user, you can also check also run 7500 position checks with this plan.

This plan will suit a single website owner or if you have a few websites to maintain.

Lead Plan

The highest plan costs $4,788 per year, that’s $399/Month.

This plan can be accessed by 40 users; you can set up 320 campaigns and can run 30,000 position checks.

When you look at this plan you know it’s for team users and agencies that have a lot of campaigns to run for clients.

So if you run an agency, this is the best option for you.

There are 3 other plans, which include: Start, which costs $79/Month, Grow, which costs $139/Month, and Thrive, which costs $249/Month.

If your requirements exceed the lead plan which is the most expensive you can send a request to get a quote for the specifications you need.

The Pros Of Using Raven Tool

  • Raven tools have acquired a large customer user base over the years and that’s because they deliver good services to their customers.
  • Raven tools provide all the important data you need to improve your website.
  • Very easy to operate and set up.
  • Allow you to schedule reports, it can be daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • You can integrate with other services.
  • You can customize your reports.
  • With the cheapest plan at $39/Month, I can say it’s affordable.
  • The tool can be used by both newbie and professional online marketers.

The Cons Of Using Raven Tools

  • It’s difficult to work with bugs.
  • There should be new training videos for the updated version.
  • The visuals don’t look good.
  • Sometimes the interface is clunky.
  • There are limitations when it comes to customizing reports.


Raven Tools is among the few SEO Suits that integrated email marketing and social media management altogether in one platform.

With the goodies that come with Raven Tools, I think it is worth trying the tool and see what they have in place for you, and also you can try the tool for free before choosing any plan.

I hope this review was helpful to you.

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