Why Keyword Research Is Important in SEO

Keyword research is important in SEO

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Keyword research is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to identifying opportunities for optimizing your website. Websites owners put up their sites intending to have lots of traffic that can be converted. However, this goal is sometimes not realized and the difference between sites that attract tons of visitors and those that get few visitors lies in the keywords used. Failure to conduct proper keyword research can make you target an over-served audience, hence facing very stiff competition for page one, or fail to get a mark for your target market completely.

What is keyword research?

It is the process of examining popular terms and phrases that are specific to a given industry that are driving traffic to search engine result pages. In other words, it is researching and selecting words or phrases that users will search in search engines such as Google to get answers to their queries. The words or phrases that one examines in their keyword research are related to the products or services that they offer on their sites.

With the growth of digital marketing, nowadays it is more critical to focus on the searcher’s intent, and this is achieved through proper keyword research. The greatest part of keyword research has to do with taking the time to grasp your target audience and the questions they pose, then devising ways to answer those questions in your own context using a blend of keywords and phrases.

Importance of keyword research

Proper keyword research by using effective keyword research tools can be of great benefit to site owners. It can help in the following ways:

·   To identify the most popular (or profitable) niches

·   To find related markets

·   To achieve great rankings on search engines for specific topics to direct high traffic to your site and promote your offerings by improving your marketing effectiveness

·   To find out what people are looking for, putting your business in a better position to help them reach their goals and for you to achieve your goals

Due to the great roles of keyword research as seen from the above points, it is important to conduct it and engage professionals in digital marketing, for example, Seoanalytics.pro to help you to do it effectively and achieve great success.

It is not until you know which word or search phrase for which you want your blog post or content to rank high that you can optimize pages, images, and your content strategy to attract qualified traffic to your site. If you have chosen the wrong keywords that are unrelated to your niche or website and you have placed them in your blog post, it is highly likely that for a short period your blog post will rank higher in the search. However, you could witness a reduction in traffic and users will not remain on your site because using the wrong keywords can mislead them.

Furthermore, the behavior of using wrong or misleading keywords will catch the attention of Google SERP, possibly resulting in the loss of your traffic and potential users or customers. This will also make your site register a high Bounce Rate, which will result in getting a poor overall rank.


Keyword research is critical in SEO as it helps to identify the correct words or phrases that are specific to your site. This will help you to optimize the site to have it rank higher, thus drawing useful traffic to it that can be converted. Some tools can be used for the keyword research, for example, Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Keyword Planner. The two provide average monthly search quantities for particular terms. They also give keyword suggestions going by what was originally queried.