EbayPositive eBay Feedback Boosts Internet Sales: Make More Money Selling On eBay...

Positive eBay Feedback Boosts Internet Sales: Make More Money Selling On eBay By Increasing Feedback Score

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Selling unwanted items on eBay is a great way to make extra money, but there’s plenty of competition, and earning a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable eBay trader is an important step to successful selling. Buyers will judge eBay sellers’ reliability by their feedback score and most buyers will prefer to buy from an eBay seller with a good positive feedback score, and steer well clear of any trader showing negative feedback.

The essential key to building a good eBay reputation is always to give other traders the service you would hope to receive yourself. Here are some tips on how to make sure you offer the sort of service buyers are looking for, and that your buyers leave feedback that will boost your score.

Increase eBay Feedback Before Your First Sale

Few eBay buyers will want to buy from a seller without an established track record. It’s therefore sensible to buy a few inexpensive things on eBay before making your first item for sale, particularly if it’s a high-value item. Make sure to ask the sellers for feedback on your successful purchases and you’ll soon be showing an increased eBay feedback score with a comforting star beside your name.

Stick to eBay’s Own Seller’s Rules

Although selling on eBay is quite straightforward, it’s helpful to read eBay’s own guide “1 2 3 Start Selling”. It’s also prudent to familiarise yourself with their Sellers’ Rules.

Be Scrupulously Open and Honest In Your eBay Listings

A good eBay reputation depends on:

  • Always giving a scrupulously honest and accurate description and specification when listing an item for sale or auction.
  • Where there are different models of an item, making sure to specify precisely which one is offered.
  • Including any negative points, eg wear and tear or damage.
  • If including a photograph, always using an up to date shot of the actual item, not a generic manufacturer’s illustration.

Give a First Class Service As an eBay Seller

This is essentially a matter of giving the sort of service you’d like to receive. However, things it’s easy to overlook are:

  • Making clear whether you will accept the return of the item. Many buyers are reluctant to buy without this undertaking.
  • Monitoring your account regularly during any eBay auction, and responding quickly and courteously to any questions.
  • Immediately correcting any errors or amplifications in the listing as a result of potential buyers’ questions.
  • Contacting the successful buyer as soon as a purchase is made or auction completed to confirm payment and delivery arrangements.
  • Immediately acknowledging receipt of the buyer’s payment, and confirming that you will be giving feedback.
  • Notifying the buyer as soon as the item is despatched, with expected delivery time and any tracking arrangements.
  • Try very hard to reach an amicable agreement if the buyer is not satisfied with the item or the service you’ve provided.

Post, Packing, and Delivery

This can be a major cause of dissatisfaction and negative feedback if you get it wrong. Take care to:

  • Plan carefully in advance how you will pack the item, how it will be despatched and what it will cost. For bulky items “buyer to collect” may restrict the number of potential buyers, but is often the safest and most economical option.
  • Make the postal costs and delivery time absolutely clear in your eBay listing.

Giving Feedback

  • Always leave feedback for the buyer, and ask him or her to do the same for you.
  • Never leave negative feedback without trying to reach an amicable solution.

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