Make Money OnlineHow to Sell Books on eBay: Selling New, Old, Used and Rare...

How to Sell Books on eBay: Selling New, Old, Used and Rare Books Online

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Selling books on eBay is an easy way to begin in eCommerce. Books are available anywhere and sell well through the site. Here’s how to move ’em out and make some cash.

Books are one of the easiest things to sell on eBay. If the book was published within the last few years, listing the books takes no more than a minute thanks to eBay’s stock listings. If the book is rare or old, the listing will take a little more time.

Sell books With Stock Listings

If the book has an International Standard Book Number, simply type that in the Sell Your Item form to pull up the stock information. The ISBN can be found just above the barcode. The information about the book is then automatically entered into the eBay description. This includes the publication year, author, number of pages, size of the book, and more. Many stock listings even have a photo of the book’s cover to go with the listing.

A seller can sell books using this stock information by itself, or the seller can edit the listing to add in their own information. To sell used books, enter the condition of the book along with the stock info. This gives the buyer a better indication of what they’re buying. A new book needs no additions to the description unless there is damage.

Sell Old Books Manually

Old books generally don’t have stock listings and must be listed manually. If the book was printed before the 1970’s, it will not have an ISBN and will likely have no stock info. The book should then be photographed and the photo entered as the listing’s picture.

To sell books efficiently, enter all of the relevant information about the book into the description area. The number of pages, whether the book is a hardcover, trade (large) paperback, mass-market (small) paperback or a book club (cheap) version should be disclosed.

Sell old books by entering a number of pictures of the inside and outside of the books. The value of an antique book is almost completely dependent on its condition. Be sure to photograph any watermarks or binding problems.

Pricing Books

When selling books online, it is important to price the book high enough to make a profit but low enough to be competitive. Take a quick look at what the book is listed for by other eBay sellers. Also, check the completed listings area to see what the book has actually sold for in the past. Use these listings as a basic guideline. If the book is not listed anywhere on eBay, look at Amazon listings or at other online book stores to see what the book is worth.

Stock information has made selling books on eBay one of the easiest ways to earn an eBay income. The recent price changes have also made it less expensive. Media items, including books, are now cheaper to list than the other categories on the site. This makes selling books a low-risk entry to eBay selling. For a different approach, try selling ebooks on eBay.

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