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ContentKing Review

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Anyone that wants to succeed in digital marketing needs to invest in SEO and the first thing you’ll need is an SEO tool.

You need the best SEO tools that will help you find the right keywords and monitor your competition.

And above all that you have to make sure that your website is up to standard and is in compliance with the search engines algorithm.

If you’ve been in digital marketing for some time you already know how difficult it is to generate traffic from search engines.

Everyone will tell you it’s the best traffic source because it’s FREE and targeted.

No one is telling you the time and effort that’s needed to thrive in search engines for maximum traffic.

One of the first secrets you need to learn about search engine marketing is using the right tools to find out what people are looking for and what your competitors are doing to generate massive traffic to their website.

Once you get this into your head everything becomes easier.

Using the right tools will help you skyrocket your SEO traffic in a very short period of time.

By finding the right keywords and knowing what your competitors are doing you can definitely come up with a unique strategy that out beat your competition.

Getting profitable keywords and research on your competitors will take time if you’re to do the task manually.

Imagine having a long list of keywords and you have to visit the top 10 results to see who is ranking and how they used the keyword in the content.

Or you have to keep searching for keywords in search engines that have fewer results or have low-quality websites that can be easily ranked.

For sure, if you have only one website you can do these tasks, they’re still time-consuming though, but what about if you have multiple websites and blogs.

I bet you don’t want to go through the same process for each and every one of your websites and blog.

You want to automate the process so that you can spend time on important aspects of your business.

And also if you’re to spend weeks doing research on a single website how long is it going to take you to implement the changes that are needed.

And honestly speaking there are things you can’t just find out when they’re missing on your website.

We’re talking about the on-page SEO factors that play a vital role in ranking your websites in search engines.

You can see the tedious work involved, but with the right and effective SEO tools, all these tasks can be done with just a push of a button.

Using the right SEO tools you can find all hidden errors on your website with a push of a button.

The point I want to explain is that having an SEO tool is a must.

Even if you’re going to outsource your SEO work to agencies it’s good to have a tool that will reveal all the problems on your website so that you can let your agency know about the changes and improvements you want

By doing this they’ll not try to rip you off since they understand you’re familiar with SEO and you’re able to sort out your website problems especially when you present the reports to them on a clean table.

What Type Of SEO Tool Do You Need?

Well, that depends on your requirements, but if you’re new to the SEO industry I’d like to recommend and review a good SEO suite that has all the major SEO tools in one platform.

The tool I am about to share with you is called ContentKing.

Yes, it’s truly a king when it comes to SEO for any website or content.

We’ll explore the features of this tool and how it can help any webmaster launch a successful website that can perform the job it’s supposed to do, that’s driving high-quality traffic and attracting potential prospects.

Let’s jump into ContentKing and see what’s inside

ContentKing Review

ContentKing review - interface

ContentKing is a web-based app and a new tool that allows webmasters to run real-time SEO auditing of a website 24/7 with ease.

ContentKing doesn’t require installation as it’s a cloud-hosted app, this means you can access the tool anywhere from any device.

You’ll get deep insights for your website pages with a push of a button.

With this tool, you’ll learn how your website performs in the search engines and will point areas that need improvement in order to gain more visibility from the search engines.

So Why Should You Choose ContentKing As Your SEO Tool?


For those that are working with a team on a particular site, they’ll love this tool because you can manage everything on the go.

This tool can record all the changes on your website so that when something goes wrong you can find who did it and can be fixed immediately.

They’ll give you a changelog for your site so as to fix any error you might have, almost no other SEO tool has this feature.

If you’re working with a team and want to make sure that you track down what everyone is doing this is the right tool for you.


Most of the times when we’re migrating website from one host to another host a lot of changes take place and they’ll affect website ranking.

So many times people experience a downfall in their ranking when they migrate from one host to another.

ContentKing ensures your site is migrated correctly and you get full insight in case there are accidental changes on your website.


ContentKing offers real-time auditing from the staging environment to product environment.

It helps developer catch these changes immediately as they happen, you’ll get alert and if there is something that needs to be done it can be taken care of.

Support Team

This is the best SEO tool that allows teams to work together and each doing a different task, and also the work of every team member can be tracked.

So for SEO agencies that handle multiple clients, this is a too they should use as well.

Overview of ContentKing

Before using the tool you first have to sign up to obtain login details and also as already mentioned the app is hosted online on their server, you can access the tool from anywhere.

So when you login you’ll go straight to the dashboard and the first two things that are displayed are website health and pages.

Any change made to your website will fall under these two category scores.

One important thing to do is to monitor graph movement, that’s the direction it’s heading to.

The graph will show either your website health is rising, moving steady or downward, when you notice decline within a few days, it means something bad is happening to your website and there the need run audit and find out the changes that caused the slowdown of the graph.

ContentKing will check the stats on a daily basis and present them in the form of a graph.

Pages Section

This section will display all the pages of your website and there are stats available for each page so that you can view performance.

You can filter the pages you want and select them for future reference.

Each page you choose has full details on the areas that need improvement and how to increase the score.

Change Tracking

You can see the specific time a change was made to your website.

If you’ve used other SEO tools you know that they don’t reveal the time when a change has been made to a site.

They’ll rather give a report of the errors that are within a page.

The importance of this feature is that when your graph falls it means something is wrong with a page and when you track back you can find out the corresponding time you made the changes and when the graph falls.

That means you need to undo the changes you made to your site.

This unique feature from ContentKing is hardly available in any other tool.

This is the perfect tool for SEO agencies that deal with clients; they can trace errors easily for client’s website.

The stats are divided into 4 categories:

  • Content.
  • Social.
  • Indexability.
  • And Relations.

By right side, you’ll view the list of problems you need to fix on your website and also there are suggestions that will help you fix those problems, plus health score is displayed.

Meanwhile for every problem displayed there is an explanation on why it matters and sometimes you get an exact solution to the problem.

You need to be careful though because it’s not every recommendation you’ll take into consideration, you should make sure that you know the impact of the suggestion in any search engine.

Meta Information

The next option you can view from the menu is Meta information.

Most webmasters don’t give attention to Meta information such as Meta tags or description.

If there is a problem with Metadata in any of your pages including Meta description and tags, this will notify you.

There is also a score available for this option, it points out the pages that need Metadata added.


As with any other SEO tool out there this tool allows you to integrate Google Analytics or any other service you’re using to monitor your website analytics.

As we know analytics itself won’t have any impact on your SEO but will show your website performance in search engines.

Analytics will also help you find important information on your website that is worth looking at.

For example, you can find the pages that receive the most traffic and also keywords that rank better so that you can concentrate on adding similar content and improving the ones that are already ranking.

Linking Structure

Most people concentrate on only building Backlinks to their website they forget about the internal linking structure of their site.

I won’t say internal linking is more powerful than building Backlinks but it’s also a strong signal telling search engines that your content is inter-related.

Sometimes these links get broken and this is where ContentKing comes into play to help you identify them so that you can fix them immediately because broken links can hurt your rankings.


The pricing options available are based on the number of pages you have on your website.

If your site has a few pages that means you can use the tool for cheap and if you have 100’s to thousands of pages you should expect to pay higher fees.

When you add your websites you’ll be able to see the pricing that’s available to you.

And also as with many other tools out there if you decide to pay monthly you expect to get higher pricing, but if want to go annually you’ll get some discount.

SEO Agency Pricing

ContentKing review - pricing options

As someone that runs SEO agency you’ll be dealing with clients and these clients have websites with too many pages, so ContentKing offers agency package that will suit the need of their client’s websites.

And that is based on the number of pages you have for your client’s websites.

Price is always changing that why we haven’t included the current pricing option, you should visit the official website and view all the pricing options that are available.

ContentKing is really a big deal, it has the unique feature that separates it from other SEO tools, and this powerful SEO tool should be in your SEO tools collection.

The unique selling point of this tool as we’ve mentioned is alerting webmaster in real-time the changes that occurred on their website, this will help them find out what’s wrong and who did it.

For companies that have multiple staffs running their website, they should consider using ContentKing to monitor their website optimization.

ContentKing saves you a lot of time because you don’t need to wait for crawls to come in, you’ll always have an update for your website.

You don’t need to export multiple excel files whenever there is an update, you get only report that has the changes that occurred on your website.

Try ContentKing you’ll be amazed at the results you get.

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