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AutoMagic Content Review + BONUS

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Any online marketer knows that content comes first in any online promotion, whether it’s the search engines or paid traffic, they all love great content and most the time they won’t favor your website or product or if you lack content.

If you want to succeed online without producing enough content, then you’re wrong. You need content for all your online promotions, robots only understand one thing and that’s content.

Your website visitors need content before they engage and connect with you. Your email subscribers also need content and you have to provide valuable content if you want visitors to stick on your website or email list for long.

To keep things simple – content is king and you need to have as much as you can have, but creating content manually sucks – you already know that.

If you’re a wise marketer you don’t want to spend your precious time creating content all day long. There are other aspects of your online marketing that needs to be done.

By now you’re already asking: do I have a solution?

Of course there is a solution! There is always a way to automate content creation, that’s to say a system that will give you unlimited content on-demand on autopilot.

With this content and traffic system which I am about to share with you, you’ll be able to generate thousands of organic traffic from search engines. You can drive more traffic from your slide shares and grow your email list faster.

This brand new autopilot content creation is called AutoMagic Content which has been put together by Amy Harrop and her team.

AutoMagic Content will allow you to tap into other people’s content and use it legally without copyright or whatsoever.

You can use this content absolutely free without investing a dime out of your pocket.

The whole system will be set on complete autopilot. It’s a set and forget process.

It’s a simple process that doesn’t require any complex technicalities to set up. Even your grandma can use this system right away.

This strategy will boost your website traffic in a very short period of time without pouring all your money on content creation and SEO.

Unless your fingers work on autopilot you definitely want to take a break from creating content for your website visitors.

I am talking about creating a lot of content on a daily basis.

Why not have content working for you instead staying in front of the computer all day hitting the keyboard hard and yet ending up with a few content posts for your website.

AutoMagic Content relieves you from all the stress of creating content for yourself, it allows you to leverage other people’s content for free.

In the AutoMagic Content package everything is included. Amy has compiled all the tools and strategies you need into a simple guide that show how to eliminate the workload of creating content for your website.

I know there is a lot of content automation garbage out there that steal other people’s content and then rewrite it so that it doesn’t make any sense at all.

AutoMagic Content isn’t of that kind. Currently, it’s the only guide available online that shows you how to get content fast and generate massive traffic to your website with little effort. Most of the process can be automated with the tools that are included in the guide.

What’s included in AutoMagic content?

Training Guide

AutoMagic Cntent Review 2019

This is the core of your package. Included in your purchase is 100-page PDF guide that reveals strategies on how to automate content creation for your website.

This guide isn’t a rehearsed course which you’ve seen before. It contains clear instructions on how to speed up content creation.

You can start implementing these steps right away, even if it’s 3 AM in the morning.

All the methods mentioned have already been tested, Amy has gotten results and has spent enough time on research to make the whole method easier than it can be.

She shares content import strategies and tools that can transform your content into different formats.

There are also ready-made templates that will simplify the process for you so that you don’t go out there searching for more resources before implementing the system.

No stone is left unturned with AutoMagic Content. The only barrier between you and creating loads of content on demand for your website is not taking action.

Video training also included

Amy has recorded a set of 5 videos that will show live how the system works. Inside these videos, you’ll view live examples and specific strategies that will help you get better results.


Included also inside the AutoMagic Content is a spreadsheet that has organized all the tools you need so that you can access them easily whenever you want.

AutoMagic Content Recipes

This section is created to show you how you can apply the strategies with real examples. With the content recipes she shares some recipes with popular content found and you can transform them into multiple income streams.

No guessing needed, you’ll be guided step-by-step on how use these recipes and use them to your advantage.


Even after reading the guide you still need a resource to get back to so that you can continue with your set up process.

And that’s why the cheatsheet is included. If you don’t like to view it in an electronic form you can print it out as well, which is even better so that you can stay right on track during your set up process, you’ll get what you need and whenever you need it.

How to profit from AutoMagic Content?

Sell Your Products And Services

It’s a proven fact that the more content you create, the more sales you’ll generate on your website.

Adding more valuable content on your website provides more value and that will lead to more trust from your customers.

You’ll use the content generated from AutoMagic Content strategy to educate your prospects so that you can be recognized as an expert and authority.

And once you attain that you can sell whatever you want.

You’ll receive a lot of traffic from the content you create using the method outlined in AutoMagic Content.

If you learn how to use the system really well, you don’t need to spend more money on paid advertisements or content creation.

Get more affiliate sales

If you don’t have products to promote you can leverage affiliate products to make money out of the content you create.

Just create content in your affiliate niche and use the AutoMagic Content strategy and see what happens to your affiliate sales. You’ll increase sales faster than you can imagine.

Build more audience

You’re not creating low-quality content that will push visitors away from your website.

Using your content you can create all forms of lead magnets. You can create special reports, videos and white papers that can be used to build or increase your subscriber list.

Monetize Your Content For Adsense

If you’re suffering from low Adsense revenue you’d like to use these strategies.

The more content you have the more pages your website or blog has and that equates to more traffic which will increase your Adsense earnings.

You can also share your content to other websites that pay per page views.

You can see the benefits of using AutoMagic Content. It’s time for you to work smarter for your marketing campaigns and let AutoMagic Content strategy to do all the heavy lifting for you.

This isn’t a saturated method for creating content, it’s Amy’s own method with a collection of tools that will skyrocket the whole process.


As a compliment for buying AutoMagic Content, you’ll receive Easy Content Finder. This tool comes in handy if you find it difficult to choose the content you can transform or where you can get it.

Easy Content Finder will help you in the following ways:

  • Mine content from hidden gems.
  • Explore more content ideas you haven’t thought about.
  • Identify the right audience for your content and other benefits.

BONUS from Mr. Web Capitalist

Here at Mr. Web Capitalist we have prepared an incredible Bonus, which is available only if the course is purchased through this link.

You will get 1-month access to the Rankd SEO backlink and guest post database for FREE (valued at $34.99 per month).

Rankd SEO backlink and guest post database

Rankd SEO database has step-by-step guides with images on how to create backlinks on more than 450+ high-authority websites.

The database also includes a list of 1400+ websites that accept guest posts. All sites are sorted by niche, price, and DA. Majority of the websites (1000+) accept FREE guest posts.

With access to the Rankd SEO database, you will be able to boost your SEO to a whole new level!

To receive the BONUS email me at with the purchase information. After confirmation, I will send you access codes to the Rankd SEO database.

Here are a few questions and answers regarding AutoMagic content:

What kind of content can you create?

You can use the content generate in other formats such as videos, audio, text, graphics and images and others.

Who Should Use AutoMagic Content?

Any digital marketer can take advantage of AutoMagic Content. This includes bloggers, authors, online marketers, publishers, service providers and many more.

It’s a content strategy that can pay you over and over again.

How Do You Access The Training?

You’ll have access immediately after making a purchase. You’ll be directed to the members’ area where you can read, watch or download all the available resources that are available.

The document is in PDF format and videos are in .mp4.

Does AutoMagic Content Require Other Investment?

You pay only once and you’ll have access to all tools and resources Amy used to set up the entire process.


This is just an overview of what’s included in the AutoMagic Content training guide, you can still get more information by visiting the sales page to view testimonials from individuals that have tested the product and have commented on it, including her students that have already succeeded using the method.

Don’t wait and don’t delay, order your copy now because it’s limited at this extremely low price!

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