SEOIs Fiverr A Good Place To Get Guest Post Links?

Is Fiverr A Good Place To Get Guest Post Links?

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There are different Backlink gigs on Fiverr but a lot of marketers don’t recommend buying from this powerful website.

Maybe it’s because of the bad experience they had by choosing the wrong seller.

Or it’s just that their Backlinks strategy isn’t welcomed by Google and hence their ranking drops and they’re blaming the Fiverr gigs they bought.

A lot of people are benefiting from Fiverr SEO Backlinks; it’s just that you have to pick the right ones.

Relevancy play an important role when it comes to link building, so how do you expect to place your link on any website and assume you have bought some quality links for your website?

Guest post links are one of the best sources of quality links to your website if done right.

Before we find out whether Fiverr guest post links are worth it or not, let’s explain what’s guest posting and how it can help your online business.

And of course how to use Fiverr the right way when it comes to buying guest post links.

What’s Guest Posting?

Guest posting means writing and publishing your content on other people’s blogs or websites.

Most bloggers are happy to accept guest posts from other bloggers especially if they’re within the same niche.

Both the blog owner and the guest poster benefit from guest posting.

The blog owner receives free content on his blog that will help him generate more traffic for free without spending time on writing the content.

And when the traffic comes to their blog they can monetize it in different ways.

While the guest poster on the other will also receive free traffic to their blog because most of the time they include their website url at the end of the blog post.

And secondly the guest poster will increase the number of Backlinks to their website which is an important part of SEO optimization.

So you can see it’s a win-win situation for both parties that are involved.

Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to a new website.

When you create a new blog no one knows about the blog, have to get the word out by adding content on influential blogs.

You should however understand that most bloggers won’t accept guest post because they know webmasters are doing it for the sake generating Backlinks to their website and most of the time the content is of low quality.

But there are some websites online that bring bloggers together to exchange guest posts on their blogs.

But the problem is the quality of the links generated from these blogs isn’t that good, though it might be helpful in the long run.

And when you consider buying on sites like Fiverr you’ll find that most of the blogs the seller is using are of low quality since they’re hardly related to your niche.

What’s The Benefit Of Guest Posting?

It Helps You Build Relationship With Other Bloggers.

A passionate blogger that knows a lot in their niche can connect and build a relationship with other fellow bloggers very fast using a guest post.

When you write a good content on a blog you’re connecting with the blogger and all the followers on that blog would like to connect with you if they like your content.

For bloggers that have a lot of social media presence, the potential is endless.

Imagine you make a guest post on a blog with massive audience, and the blogger also likes it and shares it on all their social media platforms.

You’ll get a lot of traffic and build more relationships with people.

Guest Post Can Favor Your Ranking In The Search Engines If Done Right.

One of the main aims of guest posting is to acquire more quality links to your website.

If you add your guest post on authority blogs you’ll definitely notice increase in ranking for your blog or website.

But it’s not easy to get your links on such authority blogs.

By authority blog we mean blogs that are receiving like hundreds of thousands of visitors every day.

Most of the time, you have to know these bloggers personally before they consider adding your content on their blog.

Connecting With New Audience

When you make a guest post you’re entering into a new community and your message will be heard.

You’ll connect with a new audience that you can definitely benefit from in the feature.

The aim is not just to connect with people or build some Backlinks, it’s about helping people solve their problems.

The key here is to add value and help people.

When you do this it’s just a matter of time you’ll win.

Should You Accept Guest Posting On Your Blog?


But you have to be careful on the type content you accept and the type links that are within the content.

You shouldn’t accept any guest post if you realize the blogger is doing it just for the sake of building links to their website.

There are a lot of factors to consider before accepting guest post on your blog, but this article won’t go deep into that, it’s about doing guest post right on sites like Fiverr.

What To Do After Submitting Your Guest Post

This is where most marketers make mistake.

Once their content is accepted and published they fold their arms waiting for the magic to happen.

You should promote your guest post just like you’ll do for the blog posts on your website.

Share your content on all social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Also stick around and follow the comments added on these blogs, you should also be responding to people that comment on your guest post.

Don’t just ignore guest post in your SEO campaign because research shows that guest posting is five times better than adding the content on your website.

Instead of just adding more and more content on your blog you should consider adding it on other blogs since most of the times it doesn’t cost you much, all need is to spend time and come up with valuable content.

Now you’ve seen the benefits of guest posting and how it’s done, now let’s get back to our main topic of discussion.

Is Fiverr A Good Place To Get Guest Post Links?

That could be Yes and a long Nooooooooooooo…

Fiverr is the favorite online marketplace for most online marketers and that’s because their services are affordable.

You can still take advantage of Fiverr to build any type of links you want for your website.

It all depends on whether the seller has the requirements you have or not.

There are some guest post gigs you have to stay away from.

These are gigs that submit your guest post to large number of blogs.

Most of these sellers will add your content on their private blog network, the blog network was created for the sole purpose of selling links to web masters.

All the blogs on these PBN don’t have any reputation in the search engines.

You’ll end up getting penalized from all the major search engines.

Will You Get A Decent Guest Post Links For $5?

Yes, you can if you do your homework well.

But I can tell you that 90% of Fiverr gigs that are selling guest post links are selling worthless links to buyers.

Why? Because most of them operate spam Private Blog Networks called PBN.

Having PBN isn’t something bad provided you’re optimizing them properly.

But the problem with PBN owners at Fiverr is that they’re created just for the sake of making money off internet marketers.

These blogs are filled with worthless content mostly generated from articles spinners.

You’ll find that most of the PBN’s aren’t even indexed on Google and still they stand tall selling Backlinks on their website.

And sadly you’ll find a lot of buyers leaving positive reviews on these gigs without checking the damage these services have done for their website.

A lot of PBN blogs are specifically designed to sell links and the sellers don’t disclose such information to you.

Links from PBN are easily spotted by all major search engines.

Even operating a few quality blogs on the same server within the same niche can have some consequences because they’ll be considered as spam since it’s the same niche.

If you’re going to operate multiple blogs on the same niche it’s advisable to avoid hosting them on the same hosting account.

Also when you’re buying guest post links you want to make sure that the websites aren’t hosted on the same server.

What Types Of Guest Post Services Can You Find On Fiverr?

The majority of guest post gigs on Fiverr are spammers and that’s why I listed them first.

These are sellers that operate fake PBN for the sole purpose of making money on Fiverr by selling Backlinks.

Other spammers will find low quality blog or articles directories and add your content and links.

Most of these gigs will promise to submit your guest post content on multiple high pr blogs which they won’t disclose.

This kind of offer sound too good to be true and should be avoided at all cost.

The next category of guest post sellers you’ll find on Fiverr are the ones that owns their own blog.

Some of the sellers you’ll find have a few blogs in different niches and are willing to accept guest posts for the mere price of $5 or $10.

All you have to do is check the quality of website to see if it’s something that you’re looking for.

These are the best guest post services to go after; it’s not all blogs you want to add your guest post. You have to check for relevancy, if your content is similar to theirs you should of course opt for it.

How Do You Find The Right Guest Post Link Sellers On Fiverr?

It’s that simple; you should contact the seller to enquire more about their services.

If you contacted a seller and they didn’t reply, you know what to do, run from that gig!

If they also failed to disclose their website details, that’s also another sign they’re using low quality website and they don’t want people to find out.

They just want more people to order their gig because they understand most people won’t bother to ask for refund even after finding out their guest post is being added on a low quality website.

Some of the good sellers on Fiverr will definitely share their website details when you contacted them.

Some will even list the website in the description so that you know what you’re buying.

When they share the website there are a few things to check in order to ensure the website is of high quality.

Does The Website Or Blog Has A Logo?

One of the best ways to spot a low quality website is by looking at their logo, if they can’t even invest a considerable amount to design their logo and other basic graphics then it’s a sign such websites are designed for the purpose of deceiving buyers.

It’s easier to set up a blog with some flashy template but would have to invest in graphics.

If there is no any graphics on the website you should just ignore them.

It’s not a good website that worthy of holding your Backlinks.

Does The Website Have Stolen Graphics?

Even if the website has graphics you should do some reverse search using Google image search to ensure that the graphics aren’t used on multiple sites or it’s stolen from another website.

Check The Quality Of The Pages Of All The Websites

It’s easier for Fiverr sellers to trick buyers by adding some good quality content on the home page.

Don’t take the most recent post into consideration when evaluating the quality of posts or pages for that website.

Search for old content and pages within the site and you’ll be able to judge on quality easily.

Is The Content Unique?

Even if you’re impressed with the quality you want to make sure that it’s not duplicate content.

Duplicate content means it’s a stolen content or if it has been used on multiple sites it means they’re operating low quality blog networks.

You can do this for free using plagiarism checkers like Copyscape.

Just grab the post url and insert in copyscape, you’ll find any copies that are available online.

Find Out If The Website Has A Lot Of Guest Posts

Having a lot of guest post links means the website is of low quality.

If the seller has a lot of reviews it means he has sold too many guest post links on their website and there is nothing you can do about it except to ignore such website.

And the worst part is that most of this links are not related to the main topic of the blog, that’s what makes placing your links on such websites dangerous.

 Are The Pages Indexed On Google?

This is almost a must check, if you add your website links on a website or blog that’s not indexed in the search engines, all your efforts will go in vain.

Not just the main domain, you have to make sure that all the posts are indexed in search engines.

If not it’s a sign of a website designed to trick people.

So How Do You Find Out Whether A Url Is Indexed Or Not?

That’s very simple; just paste the URL in Google search.

If no results then it’s not indexed and if it’s indexed the title of the page will appear in Google search results.

And to find out whether all the website pages are indexed or not you should place the domain name in Google search.

All the posts on the domain will show up in Google search easily.

Check The Organic Traffic The Website Receives

It’s always a good idea to check traffic stats of the website before ordering a gig.

I am sorry to say that this can be faked because there are a lot of traffic sellers.

This traffic comes from expired domains, when users visit such domain names they’re redirected to the desired website.

And this is where webmasters come to buy such fake traffic.

This kind of traffic is been sold here on Fiverr.

But using advanced tools like SEMRush you can get an idea of the amount of organic traffic a website gets on a monthly basis.

You should understand that organic traffic is different from direct or referral traffic.

There are also a lot of free online tools that give you an estimate but there is no guarantee about its accuracy.

If you find a website that has no organic traffic that’s not a site to consider adding your guest post links.

Last But Not The Least Is To Check For Relevancy.

This is the first thing to check for any blog that you want to add your guest post links.

Some sellers will deceive buyers by creating all the possible categories online marketers are using.

While some will not even categorize, they’ll generalize the blog.

Meaning they can post anything they want and you’ll hardly notice the blog name specify a niche.

I am not saying the website must have exact niche as yours, they should however be in the same category or sub category as your content or blog.

Let’s say your content is about weight loss and the website the seller has is in the health niche, there nothing wrong with adding a guest post talking about weight loss on a general health blog.

The problem arises when you’re adding business-related content on a health blog.

These are some of the basic things to check for any website you want to add your guest post links.

If you want to take things a little further you have to conduct more SEO research on the domain name you’re looking forward to adding your website links.

But for just $5 I don’t think that’s necessary.

You should only go into deep research when you’re paying a large amount for the link placement.

But for $5 you’re demanding too much if you have to conduct a lot of SEO research on websites that are placing your links on Fiverr.

But just stick to the basics and ensure that the website you’re adding your links to doesn’t have articles generated by robots.

When It Comes to Answering The Question Is Fiverr A Good Place To Get Guest Post Links?

I will say if the website has met the requirement mentioned then go for it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

But you can’t go ahead and add a lot of guest posts on a single website.

Just purchase a few gigs for some pages on your domain name and then move on to another seller to see the type of websites they have.

Make sure any seller you choose has enough reviews that prove they’re offering quality services.

Don’t let the seller create the guest post for you because they’ll hardly come up with a good content.

Most of the times they use article spinners to generate content and if your website link is placed in such content it means penalty on your website.

Take some time to write helpful content, it doesn’t have to be long but should be unique.

Also don’t submit the same guest post on other blogs even on Fiverr.

When you submit multiple copies of your guest post it becomes duplicate content and with your website links on all the content you can get penalized.

It will sound like a lot of work but you have to create unique content for all of your guest posts.

If you find a genuine seller on Fiverr with a quality website he’ll reject your content if it’s duplicate because it will ruin their website.

Every other blog owner will also do the same, originality is important when it comes to adding content on any blog.

And in conclusion you should try a gig once before placing multiple orders.

When it comes to SEO and link building there is no guarantee.

You can build links on some of the best websites online and still get no any positive result.

So my advice is to test a service before going for more.

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