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VidScribe AI Review + BONUS

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Are you looking for ways to explode your website traffic without putting in much effort?

Do you want to drive thousands of free traffic to your website or offers and that too in any niche?

Then look no further to VidScribe AI as it is the most powerful tool right now that can drive free and targeted traffic to your website with a push of a button.

What is VidScribe AI?

VidScribe AI review product image

It’s new revolutionary software that will generate unlimited traffic to your website and in any niche, you can think of.

This powerful tool will drive traffic to your products and services from an untapped traffic source that has never been seen before.

We’ve all seen tools, software, and plugins that can drive traffic to your website by generating content from video captions from YouTube.

But this method is already saturated because a lot of marketers have already eaten up all the pie.

But how about translating videos from other languages to your preferred language and then convert the voice over into website content!

We’re not talking of translating the text inside these videos. We’re talking about the audio spoken in such videos.

The thing is finding the right tool that can transcribe from audio to text with accuracy close to 90% is almost impossible, only a handful of tools out there can do that.

But with VidScribe AI you can translate a video in any language and then transcribe it to a text which you can you use as your website content.

VidScribe AI is revolutionary software that uses a unique artificial intelligence to perform such tasks producing content from videos with a foreign language.

It works by creating subtitles for any video and then translating the subtitle text to your selected language.

This way you get access to free content worldwide without worrying about the language barrier.

VidScribe AI is the first of its kind to come up with this unique feature.

The potential for using this software isn’t limited. As you already know, online marketing is all about content. The more content you can add to your website and blog, the more traffic you receive from the search engines and that means more money from your products and affiliate offers.

VidScribe AI is currently the best tool you can use to multiply your website traffic with less effort.

Features and Benefits of VidScribe AI

Let’s explore some of the features and benefits that come with VidScribe Ai:

Tap in traffic your competitors can’t reach

Every website online needs more traffic and your competitors are already trying hard to snatch that traffic from you.

So what about if you tap into a traffic system they can’t reach? Yes, with VidScribe AI, that’s possible because you’re getting autopilot traffic system they can’t tap in.

With VidScribe AI, competition isn’t of your concern. You can drive traffic to any niche you want.

Reach a bigger audience

You’re tapping into a traffic source that’s available worldwide. You’ll get an unlimited supply of content in any language, and most importantly one piece of content can be used in multiple languages, so you can now see the potential of using this powerful software.

Learn How To Drive Traffic

If you’re still wondering how to use VidScribe AI to generate traffic and make money, there is video training inside the members’ area that will guide all the way to succeeding online. Whether you’re into affiliate marketing or already have your own product you can take advantage of this training that’s included in your purchase.

Create Videos Instantly

If you’re still not interested in using text content produced by VidScribe AI, you can create videos in seconds which will still help you drive more traffic to your website.

Video creation is fast, no waiting and no queuing, unlike other video creation software out there that take forever to produce a handful of videos.

Videos creation is automatic. With a few button clicks you’ll receive a fresh video that’s ready for upload on any platform.

Upload Your Videos To Video Sharing Sites From Your Dashboard

Once your video is ready you can upload to YouTube or Facebook to start driving traffic right away. Right in the dashboard, you can create a video and then upload it to YouTube and Facebook with few clicks.

Take control and 100% safe to use

VidScribe AI isn’t a cloud-based app. It’s a desktop software that allows you to take control of everything. No need to worry about spammers or hackers that can interfere with your activities, or sometimes website robots that are tracking your activities.

What’s Included In VidScribe AI?

It comes with a lot of features any internet marketer can benefit from.

Let us take a look at what included in your purchase:

Automatic video subtitles in all major languages

Not only English, but you can also create subtitles in foreign languages such as French, German, Spanish or any language you need.

Audio Dubbing

VidScribe AI is one of its kind to come with video alignment and high tech intelligence that can create videos with maximum accuracy that will help you generate better traffic to your website.

YouTube SEO training

VidScribe AI review - YouTube SEO training

Since tapping into YouTube is every marketer’s dream, VidScribe AI has got you covered: you’ll receive intensive video training that will guide you on YouTube SEO.

Every wise marketer knows that uploading videos without proper optimization won’t yield any positive results.

The video training that comes with VidScribe AI will show you how to generate massive traffic from local languages.

Local language tag finder software

Also included in VidScribe is Local language tag finder software.

Finding the right tags for your videos will help you a lot in terms of YouTube video optimization. The tag finder included in VidScribe AI will find popular tags in any language so that you can use the same tags in your videos.

This is a must-have tool if you want to rank your videos on YouTube search results and related searches.


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VidScribe AI is offered at a reasonable price so that every marketer can have access to this powerful tool.

Not only that but you’re also protected with their iron-clad money-back guarantee. If you’re still not happy with the software you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

Your small investment will be refunded with no questions asked.

So you can see there is no risk in investing in this tool. Go and grab your own copy of VidScribe AI before this special offer ends, it won’t last for long!

VidScribe AI review - Learn more

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