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Video Crusher Review + BONUS

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Are you struggling to create videos on demand for your affiliate products with a push of a button?

Or are you looking for profitable keywords that can easily rank on YouTube and Google?

If so then look no further to this new amazing software called Video Crusher. It’s a powerful video creation software that allows you to create videos with little to no effort.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or you create image slide shows for clients you’ll definitely benefit Video Crusher.

Video Crusher review and bonuses

It’s a powerful tool that comes with features that help you increase your internet marketing and affiliate marketing revenue within a short period of time.

Video Crusher will help you create videos that are capable of driving traffic to your products and services.

With a few clicks, you can now start driving traffic to whatever offer or service you’re promoting.

Everything is included in Video Crusher and there is a complete video tutorial that will guide you on how to use the tool without worries.

You don’t need any prior experience to work with Video Crusher. You can create videos from images with a push of a button.

It’s time to take advantage of this great tool and take your online business to the next level.

In this Video Crusher review, we’ll walk you through what the tool is all about, its feature and how to use it in detail.

VideoCrusher – Who is it for?

Internet Marketers

Any internet marketer can benefit from this powerful tool regardless of their experience level. You’ll be guided in your dashboard on how to start using it.

Search Engine Marketers

If you want to find profitable keywords and tags for your videos you want to upload on YouTube you’ll definitely benefit from the tool.

Video Crusher reveals keywords and tags that are easier to rank on both YouTube and Google.

Anyone That Wants To Save Time Uploading Videos

If you want to automate video upload, Video Crusher will be a time-saver for you. You can directly upload videos to popular video sites: YouTube and Dailymotion.

You can also directly share your videos to all the major social media platforms including; Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other social sharing websites.

Main features of Video Crusher

Keyword research

This option allows you to search for profitable keywords that can be ranked easily for your videos. It will take a few seconds to bring out keywords and tags that can be used to target the right audience.

Video sharing accounts

With this option, you’ll connect accounts you want to upload your videos. YouTube and DailyMotion are the only options available at the moment. More will be added in the feature.

Social Sharing

Here you have 10 social sharing accounts. This is where you’ll connect to all the websites you want to connect and share your videos. You have to login to each of them separately and add your details.

Campaign Option

This will allow you to create a campaign for each of your videos. You create a campaign name, and then add all video details, namely; title, description, keywords/tags, and upload pre-recorded video or create one from your dashboard using images.

For creating videos from images you should upload at least 20 images, even if you don’t have such number you should consider repeating the images, that’s to say the same image file giving it multiple names and uploading into Video Crusher.

How to use Video Crusher

The first thing you’ll do is to connect all your accounts to the video and social sharing websites you want to use.

Then you begin by finding the best keywords that will drive traffic to your videos using the keyword research option that’s available in your dashboard.

When you type the keyword, a pop-up will appear showing you the number of results generated and the level of competition. For recommended keywords, the tool will tell you “competition is easy”.

Once you choose keywords, you then create your videos. You have the option at the button that says “create your videos”.

You’ll be taken to a screen that allows you to upload images, you can upload as many images as you want, 20 is recommended so that your video can appear a bit longer.

Creating one-minute videos won’t attract much traffic to your videos. So make sure to create reasonable video length.

As also mentioned earlier you can upload pre-recorded video from your hard drive.

Once you upload the video you now fill in the title, tags, and description, and also give your campaign a name so that you can save your project. When you save your campaign you can come back to it later to share the video.

Include all your target keywords in the title, description, and tags. Don’t spam with keywords, it should be only once in the title and tags, and a few times in the description.

Once you hit the upload button your video will be uploaded on their app server.

Once you upload the video more options will appear that allows you to choose the sites you want to share the video.

You can choose to share on all the sites at once or you can select a few to begin with.

There is also an editor on top that allows you to add more details to the description of your videos. If you still want to add more info, you can do that right away.

Once you hit upload, your videos will be uploaded to all the selected video sharing websites and links will be provided to all the videos that have been posted.

That’s it for using Video Crusher. It’s a simple software anyone can use to create videos. This software is the best option for affiliates promoting a lot of products. Instead of spending hours trying to create videos, you can just take screenshots from the product page and then create videos with a few clicks using Video Crusher and then start uploading to your favorite websites.

Video Crusher doesn’t cost much, it costs $22 and there are of course other up-sells just like most products out there.

These up-sells are extras that will help you benefit from the software even more, plus they’re also offering reseller rights.

If you want to own a product you can sell you should consider upgrading to the reseller kit.


Here at Mr. Web Capitalist, we have prepared an Excusive Bonus, which is available only if the course is purchased through this link.

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How to receive Bonuses?

To receive the BONUSES email me at with the purchase information. After confirmation, I will send you both guides.

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