Product ReviewsReportGarden Review 2022

ReportGarden Review 2022

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Most internet marketers spend a lot of money on their online marketing campaigns and yet they get little to no results.

This is because they don’t track their online campaigns to see how they’re performing.

If you can’t measure and track your online marketing campaign you can’t improve it, as the saying goes “if you can’t measure it, you can improve it”.

As an online marketer, you’ll be spending a lot of money in various online marketing channels and keeping eye on all these channels will require spending a lot of time or you have to spend money to hire a personal assistant to monitor your online activities.

But what if you can find an effective tool that will provide a report of all your online promotions in one place without the need to visit each website and find out the progress of your internet marketing efforts?

Yes, there is a powerful tool designed to help online marketers get a report for all their online activities with ease.

This tool is none other than ReportGarden, this tool will simplify your day by giving you all the report you need for your online promotions.

ReportGarden is an amazing tool every digital marketer should add to their marketing toolbox.

What is ReportGarden?

It’s a reporting tool that helps small businesses, large businesses, and agencies to analyze the performance of their ad campaigns or for their clients with ease in one platform.

ReportGarden allows the user to connect multiple accounts they’re promoting their website or business, these include; Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook accounts and Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, MailChimp and many more accounts that you have.

Almost all the popular online marketing channels can be integrated into this tool using API.

When you connect your account you get full report and data so that you can use such data to improve your campaigns.

The tool will show the performing campaigns and how you can improve them.

ReportGarden offers full data segmentation and allows you to filter results from different ad services.

Digital marketing agencies will benefit a lot from this powerful tool because when you’re working with clients you want to make sure you present to them the progress of your online marketing efforts.

ReportGarden helps internet marketers automate a lot of tasks that are time-consuming such as monitoring Pay Per Click ads, keyword tracking, and checking the overall health of any ad or campaign.

As an account manager for a company, you can accurately get a report that will inform your clients about the success of their internet marketing campaigns.

The tool is easy to use by both newbie and professionals and the interface is very clean to work with.

The interface can perform a lot of functions such as downloading PDF reports, accessing client portal, widgets that can be used with just add and drop, templates, scheduling and much more other features that are available in your dashboard.

ReportGarden can be used in 3 steps:

First, you connect all the accounts you want to monitor.

Then you choose a template and finally you schedule your reports.

Features of ReportGarden

Multi Channel Reporting

Will give you overall report on all your connected accounts with just a push of a button and all the important internet marketing channels we have can be connected to get the daily report.

Google Analytics Report

You’ll get a full overview of your website from data collected from Google Analytics Report.

You don’t need to rely on another SEO tool to connect your Google Analytics account.

Budgeting Module

ReportGarden helps internet marketers plan their spending budgets by revealing the best ads to invest in and also find the top-performing ads from other users so that you know which ad work the best.

PPC Dashboard

This will give an overview of all your PPC services like Google Adwords, Bing Ads and more.

Social Media Dashboard

Allow you to manage all social mediate accounts including Facebook and Twitter with ease.

Customized Pay Per Click Report

You only get reports on selected parameters, minimizing your report parameter is a good way to get clean reports.

With the different drag and drop widgets in your dashboard, you can choose the data you want to receive.

Task And Project Management

You can manage different tasks from your dashboard instead of visiting different websites to monitor what is happening with your campaigns.

PDF Reports

You can save and export your processed data in the form of PDF.

You can view your reports later without the need to open the tool to get another report.

Schedule Your Reports

You can schedule your reports on a daily basis, weekly or monthly.

Benefits Of Using ReportGarden

Easy To Use

This tool makes it easier for any internet marketing professional and digital marketing agencies to obtain a report for their clients.

With ReportGarden you get clean data in a well-presented table and charts.

And secondly, you don’t have to create a campaign every time you want to get the data for a website.

You can schedule the time frame you want to receive the reports.

Everything is simplified for you with an automated process. The reports are tailored toward your exact specifications.

Save You A Lot Of Time

Imagine the time you’ll spend if you were to visit every website you’re running your ads and monitor your campaigns, not even talking of implementing the changes that are needed to improve the campaigns.

ReportGarden is a true time-saver for digital marketers that want to focus on improving their business.

With just a push of a button, you’ll get a full customized report of data that will take you weeks or even months to gather.

The tool will gather data from all your connected accounts with one click.

ReportGarden Saves You Money

Without monitoring your Pay Per Click ads you’ll end up losing a lot of money in your ad campaigns.

With ReportGarden you find the best performing ads and the ones that give the most return on your investment.

So before investing a whole lot of money you want to make sure you create a few ads and then monitor their performance so that you can invest more in campaigns that yield the best result.

Get an SEO Audit

ReportGarden doesn’t only monitor ad campaigns; it also monitors your SEO campaigns.

Though the tool specializes in tracking your ads but can also do a lot of jobs when it comes to SEO optimization.

It allows the user to run an SEO audit, search for profitable keywords, check on-site SEO, analyze website traffic, and check the Backlinks of a website.

ReportGarden Pricing

The tool comes with different pricing options, whatever your demand is you can find pricing options that suit your needs, let’s take a look at them right away.

Standard plan

This plan costs $149/Month if paying monthly and if you’re paying annually you get a discount of two months free, which means you pay $1490 if paying for the whole year.

And here are the features of this plan:

  • You can connect up to 30 accounts
  • Your budget spend shouldn’t exceed $20,000
  • You can track up to 100 keywords
  • You have social media and Google integrations

Professional plan

The professional plan costs $299 per month and if you’re paying for the whole year you pay only for 10 months. The remaining 2 months are free which will cost $2990 for the whole yearly subscription.

And here is what you get:

  • 70 accounts and dashboards.
  • You have a budget spend of 50,000.
  • Track up to 375 keywords.
  • You can have 10 domains.
  • 1000 crawl limitations.
  • Check up to 1500 Backlinks.
  • 10 invoices.
  • 25 lead capture.
  • 10 proposals.
  • 3 Months crawl achieves.
  • 25 approvals.


  • Social media integrations.
  • Google integrations
  • Bing ads.
  • Call tracking.
  • Email and retargeting.
  • Premium integrations.

The agency plan

It costs $649 per month for the monthly subscription and as with other plans, you get two months free when opting annually.

And here is what you get:

  • 170 accounts and dashboards.
  • $150,000 budget spend.
  • 500 keywords units to track.
  • Can have up to 20 domains.
  • 5000 crawl limitations.
  • 6 Months crawling archives.
  • Track 5000 Backlinks
  • 3 invoices.
  • 50 lead capture.
  • You get all integrations included in professional plan which we mentioned previously.
  • 25 proposals and 50 approvals.

Enterprise Plan

This is the most expensive plan and is designed for large businesses and corporations with high marketing demands.

This plan will cost the user $1299 per month and $12,990 if paid annually, that means you get 2 months free as with other plans.

And here are the features of this account:

  • 300 accounts and dashboards.
  • 300,000 budgets spend.
  • Track 1000 keywords units.
  • Add 30 domains.
  • 25,000 crawl limitations.
  • 12 Months crawl archives.
  • Track 10,000 Backlinks.
  • 100 lead capture.
  • Includes all integrations that come with the agency plan.
  • 100 approvals and 75 proposals.


I can say ReportGarden is one of the most expensive marketing tools out there but you’ll hardly find an online marketing tool that’s as effective as this tool as well, this tool will save you a lot of money.

Almost every marketing expert gave positive review on ReportGarden.

You’ll definitely be satisfied with this tool if used properly to track down your marketing campaigns.

Devices supported

All the major operating systems can install ReportGarden and they’re:

  • Windows.
  • Mac.
  • Linux.
  • And there is the web-based app.

The pricing model

We’ve already talked about the various plans that are available, you can pay either monthly, yearly or you can request a quote if your demands exceed all the mentioned plans.

Who can use ReportGarden?

Every internet marketer can take advantage of ReportGarden. It all comes down to your requirements.

Customer types for this great tool include:

  • Small Businesses.
  • Medium businesses.
  • Large Enterprises.
  • And freelancers.

Customer Support

Their customer is great because you can contact them through various messenger support. You’re investing a lot of money on this tool and there is the need to have premium and exclusive customer support when the need arise.

You can contact support via live support chat, email, submit ticket on the contact page, and there is training that will answer most of the questions you might have.

ReportGarden Common Questions and Answers

Do they offer Free trial?

Yes, you can try the tool for one week and all features are included, and also no credit card is needed to access the free trial version.

What happens when your trial ends?

When your trial period is over you can no longer use the tool, you have to choose one of the available plans and subscribe with your credit card, Visa and Master Card, American Express, Discover or PayPal.

Can you switch between plans?

Of course, you can switch to a different plan especially when you’re paying monthly.

I highly recommend paying monthly for each plan you choose to work with from the beginning, so that when you want to upgrade you can do so easily the following month.

Unlike when you just jump in and pay the annual fee, upgrading to another plan means you’ve wasted your money in the previous plan you choose.

So try a few months before paying the annual subscription, which will be a better decision.

Can you buy selected features?

Yes, this option is also available; you can buy single or multiple features using the “a la carte offering” which is available from the official website.

Are going to be charged for each account you add?

Every plan you choose to buy comes with limitations on the number of accounts you can add, once that limit is reached you have to wait till the next month roles in.

It’s important to check each plan carefully and ensure that it has all the requirements you want before subscribing and like I’ve said a while ago, opting for the monthly plan so that if it’s not to your expectation you can upgrade to the next plan the next bill charge.

How does ReportGarden handle report policy?

Well, since they let every user try the tool before making a purchase, they don’t offer refunds, whether it’s monthly, or the annual subscription.

But you can, however, cancel at any time and you can enroll again if the need arises.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one marketing solution this tool is definitely the best of the best.

It’s one of the most expensive online marketing tools available but will be worth every penny you invest.

So take a free ride and see how this tool really works.

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