SEO15 Best Link Building Services To Buy On Fiverr

15 Best Link Building Services To Buy On Fiverr

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A little bit about Backlinks…

One of the strongest SEO signals you can attract to your websites are Backlinks.

Backlinks are really important when it comes to search engine ranking.

And a lot of people are looking for easy ways to generate Backlinks for their website.

There is no easy way to building quality Backlinks.

Most of the job has to be done manually and one has to be selective on the type of websites they generate these Backlinks.

There are a lot of tactics and strategies that need to be employed in order to build Backlinks that will increase your website reputation and authority.

The more powerful Backlinks you have the more authority you have, at least in the eyes of the search engines.

When buying Backlinks one has to be careful especially when you’re not paying much for them.

One of the popular places to buy cheap Backlinks these days is Fiverr.

You’ll find a lot of gigs selling high PR Backlinks that will increase your rankings.

Some are even promising Google first position placement with their automated Backlinks.

I bet 90%+ of online marketers will tell you that Fiverr Backlinks are useless and they might be right because they haven’t used the right gigs.

How could you expect someone to blast your website with 1000’s of Backlinks and expect to get positive results?

Even if you’re building links on High PR websites you have to be careful as to avoid building the links uniformly.

Doing things uniformly means building the Backlinks in a regular pattern.

For instance, you build 100 Backlinks to all your web pages and also to the same source or using only high PR domain to place your website links.

Using also the same keywords as anchor text will also affect the quality of your Backlinks in a bad way.

This is what most of the gigs at Fiverr do.

They do things in exact order for every order placed on their gig.

Therefore you hardly get any positive results from using such Backlinks gigs on Fiverr.

However if you can be selective and you know exactly how Backlinks work you can definitely come up with the right gigs that will help your link building campaigns.

Don’t make the mistake of building all your website links from a particular Fiverr gig, even if it includes manual link building which is what you you’ll be using all the time.

This article will share some of the best Backlink services to use and what makes Fiverr a good place to start improving your Backlinks campaign.

But before that we have to explain how Backlinks work, how to choose the right gigs and what to avoid, and the type of Backlink gigs to search for.

How Backlinks Work

First of all you need to understand that Backlinks alone will not make the search engines rank your website to the front line.

They’re of course important element when it comes to ranking.

Search engines use Backlinks as vote to your website.

Whenever a website links back to you it’s a vote telling the search engines your website provides useful information.

The strength of this vote depends on the quality of the website as well.

You don’t want a lot of low quality websites pointing to you.

You want to mix both high PR domains and low PR domains in order to make your link building look natural.

You should also understand that building the wrong Backlinks will definitely lower your rankings in any search engine.

Sometimes your website can also be de-indexed, Google and Bing are well known for doing this.

Backlinks Are All About Relevancy

You shouldn’t expect to build thousands of irrelevant and automated Backlinks and expect to rank your pages.

Fiverr gigs specialize in building thousands of automated Backlinks and yet they promise you first page ranking.

Even if these Backlinks come from high PR domains it’s worthless or I can say for certain it will lower your rankings.

Due to multiple Google updates, the game of SEO has changed a lot.

You don’t really need much Backlinks to rank higher.

You can rank your website with a few quality Backlinks especially when your competitors don’t have much Backlinks for their domains.

Fiverr Backlinks Gigs To Avoid

Any automated Backlink service should be avoided!

How do you identify automated Backlinks?

Any gig selling 1000’s of high PR Backlinks or any gig that’s promising first page placement.

The only time to use such Backlinks, which I also don’t recommend is when you’re optimizing web 2.0 sites (they’re called parasite pages).

You don’t own these websites and they’ve build a lot of authority.

If you find that your competitors are using this same trick you may as well try it.

But don’t ever make the mistake of ordering thousands of Backlinks for your website or blog.

Things To Consider Before Buying Any Backlink Gig On Fiverr

The Number Backlinks You’re Getting When You Order

There are some gigs promising to manually build 1000 Backlinks for only $5.

How could you possibly believe this?

And the worst part of it is that the seller has a lot of reviews?

How is that possible?

What happens in Fiverr is that sellers have the option to change the name of their gig.

So initially seller begins to offer some service but later change the title to something else.

And that’s why even with false claims they have lots of reviews on their gig.

I believe all the quality link building services on Fiverr are the manual link building gigs but don’t believe any seller that offers unreasonable Backlinks in relation with the price. 1000 Backlinks for only $5 is ridiculous.

You should always go for something that’s fair enough for the price

An example is where a gig promised to manually build like 10 or 20 Backlinks at only $5.

When a seller makes such claims and has some positive reviews you know they mean it.

The Content

When it comes to Backlink building content plays an important role.

Don’t opt for gigs that use the same content over and over again for every order.

Only order gigs that give you the option to supply your own content, when it comes to blog comment for example you only buy a gig that will create unique comment for every blog.

Of course with such gigs you shouldn’t expect much blog comments since they’re doing the work manually.


Next important aspect to consider is relevancy.

You have to make sure the seller will search and build links on websites that are related to your niche.

Very few gigs also offer this and they’ll only generate a few Backlinks at the price of $5.

Backlinks on sites that are not relevant to your keywords carry little to no weight at all.

You need to have your own content and anchor text that will be used to generate the Backlinks for you.

You’ve seen some of the things to avoid when ordering Backlink gigs on Fiverr.

Now we’ll move on to share some of the best Backlinks services to outsource on Fiverr.

15 Best Link Building Services To Buy On Fiverr

1.      Manual Blog Comments

Blog comments if done right will help increase your website rankings fast, blog comments don’t only generate Backlinks, they also help generate more traffic to your website.

But in order to drive traffic from blog comments the seller has to provide valuable comments that interest people so that they can click on your avatar.

Effective blog comments are easier to do because you can find thousands of blogs related to your niche that accept blog comments.

And the best part is that these blogs can be found with the help of some online tools.

Any seller on Fiverr that’s offering realistic number of blog comments is a good service you should go for.

These genuine gigs offer to do only few comments, most of the time you get no more than 20 manual blog comments for the price of $5 or $10.

Best Manual Blog Comments Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Do Manual Blog Comment

This is one of the gigs to try out if you’re looking for niche related blog comments for your blogs.

This seller will read blog posts and leave engaging comments that will lead to interactions among the blog readers.

You’re not just getting Backlinks; he’s driving people to interact with you.

It’s definitely a good service to try.

I Will Provide Niche Relevant Manual Blog Comment Backlinks

This is another gig that’s selling niche related blog comments.

The entire job is done manually and you’ll get a link back to your website.

Order this gig to find blog posts in your area of interest and then give you a powerful link juice to your website.

2.      Guest Post

Guest post is another good Backlink service to buy on Fiverr.

There are a lot of sellers that will post your content on high PR websites for just $5.

Some are even willing to search blogs based on your instructions and then send them email for your guest post proposal.

You have to be careful when it comes to guest post.

Contact the seller to find out where he intends to make the guest post for you or if he’s willing to search a relevant blog that’s similar to yours.

Most of the genuine guest post gigs on Fiverr will do no more than 1 guest post and they’ll specify the blog they’ll add the guest post.

Best Guest Post Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Guest Post On My Da64 Lifestyle Blog

When you order this gig your guest post will be submitted on an old domain that’s about fifteen years old.

This domain receives over 200,000 views every month and your links will be do-follow and permanent as well.

They also have massive social media following; this means more traffic for your website.

I Will Guest Post On My Google News Approved Da 80 Magazine Blog With Dofollow Link

This is another Fiverr service that will submit your guest post on a Google news website.

This is a high quality service and hence they have some guidelines that protect their website ranking.

They don’t accept any piece of content; your content has to be unique and must not be for the sole purpose of any promotions.

This gig is a great option for anyone that wants to submit their guest post to a high quality website.

3. Press Release Backlinks

We’re not talking of distributing your press release to thousands of directories.

We’re talking of building a link from a trusted and authority press release website.

If you can write an excellent press release or if you can hire someone to write it, you can find a lot of gigs that will generate Backlinks from high PR press release site.

This should also be done manually and you shouldn’t expect to get much Backlinks from genuine service.

For 5 bucks you won’t get more than 5 press release Backlinks.

Best Press Release Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Build 3 Press Release Backlinks, For Marketing And SEO

This gig will submit your press release to high quality press release submissions sites.

You’ll get three high quality Backlinks when you order this gig.

It’s a manual submission service and will do things differently to ensure that the Backlinks sound to natural to search engines.

Full report is provided including account logins that were used for the submissions.

I Will Submit Your Press Release On Google News Website

This is another great service for guest posting.

Your press release will be submitted to a Google news site.

You can give this gig a try in addition to previous one we provided.

Your content should be in press release or news format.

4.      PBN Backlinks

This is considered waste of money for most online marketers.

But the secret to buying PBN Backlinks on Fiverr is to make sure that you have checked each and every blog the seller wants to add your website links to.

You have to make sure that it’s not a spam blog network with content that’s generated using article spinners.

And also you should provide your own content.

You have to be careful though when buying PBN Backlinks on Fiverr because most of them are trash and will cause a lot of harm to your website.

Best PBN Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Do Manual High Da Pa Dofollow Pbn Backlinks

This seller will create extremely high DA PBN Backlinks for your website.

You’ll get 50+ high DA25 PBN links and some will be posted on the home page to give your website extra boost.

All links are 100% do-follow and will be created with unique Ips.

This is a gig for PBN Backlinks.

I Will Do 8 High Tf Cf Permanent Homepage Pbn Backlinks

The seller has high quality PBN authority websites that can give your website a boost.

All the links you get are permanent and do-follow.

They’re 100% safe to use in 2019 and beyond.

You provide the keywords to be used and some Backlinks will be generated.

5. Editorial Backlinks

These are very powerful Backlinks you might want to add to your blogs and websites.

Editorial Backlinks are almost similar to guest posts.

To get editorial links you don’t need to provide content to another blogger, referral to your blog or website is all that’s needed.

Your website needs to be mentioned as a source of some information or services.

At Fiverr if you can find a gig that will accept to cite your website you’ll get powerful link juice.

There is nothing to be automated here and these types of gigs are almost risk free.

You have to check all SEO data for the website you want to be cited before placing your order.

Best Editorial Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Create 5 Editorial Backlinks Da 70 To 98 Sites

This gig will give you five powerful editorial links to your website.

He’ll prepare the content or preferably you write your own unique content since he already stated that he’ll use spun content.

He then submits the content to websites with DA 70 – 98.

The seller has a lot of positive reviews, which shows he’ll deliver the service as he said.

I Will Do Editorial Article On Google News Approved Crypto Site

This is the second gig you can consider buying editorial links from.

It’s a Google news website that’s talking about crypto.

So if your website or blog is in the crypto or finance niche you can definitely benefit from this gig.

6. Business Profile Backlinks

There are a lot of sellers on Fiverr that are selling profile Backlinks.

There are a lot of spam gigs as well offering this service.

What you’re looking for are only business profile Backlinks from popular business directories like foursquare, yelp, and yellow pages.

This also has to be manual job.

Most of the business directories don’t accept any automation as most of them require some form of verification through phone or other means.

Best Business Profile Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Do 100 Usa Authority Pr9 Link Building Safe Profile Backlinks

This gig will create up to 100 USA profile Backlinks for your business.

The job will be done manually and it’s search engine friendly.

All the domain names carry heavy ranking when it comes to authority.

Give the gig a try for your profile link building needs.

I Will Do High Da Live Social Profiles For Your Business

The seller will give verified high DA social profile links for your business.

It’s a manual task as well and it’s designed to help you bring in more traffic to your website.

He uses white-hat methods, so I can say it’s safe to use but with caution.

7. Testimonial Backlinks

There are lots of reviews and testimonial websites out there to get high quality Backlinks.

Most bloggers on Fiverr are more than willing to give testimonials on your blog or services for just $5.

They’ll review your website content or product and place on any source online with your website link.

These are also white-hat Backlinks you should generate for your websites.

Best Testimonial Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Give You A No-follow Backlink On My Website

When you order this gig you get a no-follow Backlink to your business, name, testimonial and website URL.

The seller only accepts .com URLs.

Make sure to contact the seller before placing your order so that you know it’s something he’ll accept on his site.

Your testimonial will be place on his homepage testimonial section.

This means more traffic for your business and some link juice as well.

I Will Produce A Great Testimonial For Your Product In Full HD

While the previous gig provide with testimonial placement, this gig is designed to give you testimonial for your product and services.

The seller will use his natural radio voice and massive smile to promote your product and services.

This will also be helpful to you.

8. Non-Profit Sites Backlinks

Non-profit websites have a lot of authority and they’re one of the best places you want get Backlinks from.

Checkout for Fiverr sellers that are willing to add your website links on non-profit websites and you’ll see your rankings rise in a short time.

You have to be selective though because almost anyone can launch a website and claim it’s a non-profit website.

9. Resource Page Backlinks.

Resource page are also powerful Backlinks sources you don’t want to miss.

This is where webmasters will mention your website and what you offer.

Resource page Backlink is powerful because users can’t fake them.

Before your website is included in any resource pages it has to be a good one and can deliver what it promised.

There are spam sellers on Fiverr that promise to distribute articles to thousands of directories and include your website in the resource box or bio.

This is not something you want to opt for.

Go for sellers that are offering genuine resource page placement.

For $5 you won’t get more than 5 Backlinks from high quality resource pages.

Best Resource Page Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Collect Resource Page Link For Your Website

This gig will give you resource page links for only $15.

It will help improve your domain authority.

It’s a White-Hat SEO and You get full report of the work done.

The domains have high DA.

 I Will Do Resource Page SEO Outreach For Backlinks

This can be expensive to most people as the basic gig cost $295.

But when you look at the price you know that it’s something that will help your website SEO in the long run.

You’ll get a sorted list of 1000+ resource page links that are fully filtered.

If you can afford it, this is a gig you should try.

10. Directory Backlinks

Directory Backlinks are very popular on Fiverr, in fact most of them are junk because they’re self created directories.

You want to make sure that you take a view of all the directories the seller wants to place your website links.

You may find sellers that are registered with paid directories which the best, but most of them use free low quality directories that will hurt your website rankings.

For $5-$10 you can find up to 20-50 manual directory submissions.

1000’s of submissions should not be considered in your SEO campaigns.

Always remember when it comes to Fiverr Backlinks, you only choose the manual Backlinks gigs.

Best Directory Backlink Gigs I Suggest;

I Will 50 Blog Directory Submission Service

With this gig your blog will be added to top 50 blog directories.

The entire task will be done manually, meaning it’s a safe SEO promotion for your blog.

The seller is also giving the option to choose your own directories or provide a list of directories you want the submissions.

It’s a good service for anyone that’s looking for directory Backlinks.

I Will Do Manually 25 Blog Directory Submission Service

This is another manual directory submission gig to 25 directories that can help promote your website.

Your blog will be submitted to high pr directories that receive some traffic, so do your submitted blogs.

11. Profile Backlinks

There are a lot of powerful websites out there that allow members to create profile page and add their website to get a link back.

These services are very popular on Fiverr; they claim to create something like 5000 profile pages for your website using scrapebox.

You know that’s not what you should be looking for.

Find a seller that offers reasonable profile creation for your website or business.

As usual take a look at the website they’re creating the profiles.

Ask the seller to exclude any website you don’t approve.

Best Profile Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Manually Create 50 Pr9 Da 90 Dofollow Profile Backlinks

For $10 this seller will manually create 50 profile Backlinks for your website and the sites all have high DA.

This is a high quality gig on Fiverr.

It’s safe from Google updates and the seller has fast delivery.

It’s 100% manual job and report will be given to you so that you can know where the profile links are created.

I Will Create 25 High Quality Profile Backlinks, All Manual Link building

This gig will create 25 high-quality Backlinks manually for your website.

You’ll supply all the necessary information needed like business name, phone number, website, keywords, mail and a short description.

You’ll also specify the country you want the profiles to be created.

12. Forum Links

Forums are also similar to profile Backlinks because you need to add your links on your profile pages.

Though there are other methods like including your website links on your forum posts, but the most popular way to build links on forum is through user profile.

There are lots of forum links sellers on Fiverr and it turns out that most of them are creating links on forums they operate and most of the times are not indexed by the search engines.

Make sure that your links are created on niche related forums and shouldn’t be automated.

Best Forum Links Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Do Niche Relevant Forum Posting With Do-Follow And High Quality Forum Backlinks

If you want high quality and niche targeting forum links to your website this gig is for you.

The seller will not just generate Backlinks on random forums on his list or use automated bots, you’ll supply the forums you want your website link to be placed or you can give instructions so that he can find niche related forums that match your blog or website niche.

You’ll get report to all activities and login details.

I Will Do Forum Posting High Quality Forum Post With Do-Follow Backlinks

This is another good service for building forum links to your website.

The seller will help you generate more traffic since there are active members on forums.

All links will be do-follow and you’ll receive full report also on the posts that have your link.

13. Infographics And Image Backlinks

When it comes to Backlinks you want mix with different patterns.

Most people generate Backlinks through anchor text or a direct website links.

If you want to make things look more natural you should generate your Backlinks from images and infographics as well.

Find sellers that are willing link back to you using images and infographics.

This is mostly the work of bloggers.

Find bloggers on Fiverr that are selling Backlinks on their blog and ask them to link back using images instead of anchor text.

Best Infographics & Image Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Submit Your Image Or Infographic To 70 Image Submission Or Photo Sharing Sites

When you have your image or infographics ready for submission you can definitely count on this gig for distribution.

This gig will submit your image or infographics to some of the best image sharing websites.

This will help you acquire more quality links to your website and also get more visitors your website.

I Will Do 70 Infographics Submission Sharing Manually

This is another great service that will submit your images to 70 image sharing websites.

These are websites with high PR and have authority, this means the websites are safe to use.

It’s also a manual submission service so that your website isn’t penalized.

These two gigs together will help you get powerful Backlinks from infographics submission sites.

14. Social Bookmark Backlinks

When you search Fiverr for Backlinks, social bookmark links will definitely show up and most of the ones that show up at the top are automated.

You have to search for the manual gigs that offer to submit manually to social bookmarking websites.

Find gigs that are selling high quality social bookmarking submissions for your website.

For $5 you can get up to 50 manual submissions.

As rule of thumb always check the list of the social bookmarking sites the seller is adding your website to.

Best Social Bookmarks Backlink Gigs I Suggest:

I Will Publish Manually 45 Plus Bookmarks Backlink

With this gig you get 45+ manual Backlinks from social bookmarking sites such as tumblr, digo and many more websites like it with high pr.

You can use this gig to increase your website popularity and then acquire some quality links back to your website since it’s a manual job.

I Will Advertise Your Website By Bookmark On 160 Social Sites

This seller will promote your website and give you up to 160 Backlinks.

It’s a manual job also since it’s stated on the gig that no automated bots and software.

There is a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

You should give it a try to increase your website optimization.

15. Backlinks From Video Sites

Buy Backlinks from video submission sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

These are very powerful plus they’ll generate a lot of traffic to your website since most viewers might consider visiting the links placed inside video descriptions.

You shouldn’t expect to get much submission because for $5-$20 you can only get one website submission on a video that’s receiving a considerable traffic.

Don’t buy gigs that will add your website on video page that’s not receiving any traffic.

If it’s a new video you can do that as well.

You want an old and relevant video page that will not only give you high quality link but also drive some traffic to your website.

Conclusion & Some Tips

These are some of the best Backlinks services you should generate for your blog and websites, not only on Fiverr but on any other platform you decided buy links, they’re the ones you should be using for your website.

Always buy gigs that are selling manual Backlinks.

Never use automated services on your blogs.

The auto generated Backlinks can only be used on web 2.0 sites that contain link back to your websites.

For instance auto generated links can used on your reddit posts.

A lot of marketers are using this kind of links to rank their reddit posts Google first pages.

The traffic is then directed to their website which has been added on their reddit page.

Auto generated links can also be used to rank YouTube videos.

A lot of marketers are successful when it comes to ranking YouTube review videos with social bookmark links.

These websites are authority websites and blasting their pages with auto generated links won’t do any harm to them.

The only time this auto generated links won’t work is if your competition has built better links than you.

Another thing to avoid is don’t buy the same Backlink gigs for all your website urls, you want to mix different gigs that offer different services.

Buy some manual blog comments for your urls and some guest posts or forum posts.

Whichever you decide to use don’t do things uniformly.

You anchor text and keywords should be different also.

Come up with as many variations of keywords as you can.

Don’t just build Backlinks only to your home page; spread the links to all the sections of your website and pages.

These way things will look natural and your website will not be penalized.

If used the right way Fiverr is a great source to get some quality links to your websites at affordable rates.

And the best part of using Fiverr is that their services are very fast. When you place an order you should expect to start getting links within few hours.

So don’t wait, go ahead and start taking advantage of Fiverr now!

PS. If you’re interested in high-authority backlinks, then check out our self-made Rankd SEO Backlink Database. There are step-by-step guides on how to build backlinks on hundreds of high-authority websites.

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