Make Money Online5 Things to Know About Explainer Videos

5 Things to Know About Explainer Videos

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In this world of fast-paced marketing, constantly changing analytics, and businesses rising and falling in a flash, it can be challenging for an entrepreneur to know what to do to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

If you are feeling the same way and are having difficulty getting the word out about your product, or are having to effectively explain to customers why your service is necessary, then you may need to be creating explainer videos.

To learn more about this effective form of content creation, read on for the five things you need to know about explainer videos.

Explainer videos introduce, illustrate, and initiate interest.

First things first. Before you can start using explainer videos to your company’s advantage, you first need to understand what explainer videos do and what their underlying purpose is.

Generally, it is understood that explainer videos introduce your brand, product or service to a potential customer while illustrating why you exist and what makes your offerings different to everything else on the market.

By providing this context, the explainer video then initiates interest and helps you to generate brand credibility and brand awareness. Answering customer questions through a short, attention-grabbing video is a proven way to increase your customer base and boost sales.

In fact, well-made explainer videos often increase conversion rates by over 30 percent as they are highly reliable in their ability to persuade consumers to act on what they see.

For this reason, it is crucial that every entrepreneur seeks to create an explainer video for their business.

They can (potentially) go viral.

For many entrepreneurs, the idea of one of their marketing campaigns going viral is a dream that seems too far removed from reality. While it can be challenging to achieve this level of virality, you have the best chance with explainer videos.

Due to their short length and information-filled nature, explainer videos are ideal for expanding your customer reach as they are more likely to catch a wide array of audience attention, especially when compared to text-based advertising.

Given that explainer videos are hosted on video-sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, their very nature encourages audience commentary and engagement. They are also highly shareable. This is why it is important to inject brand personality into the explainer video to ensure there is are fun and unique elements to hook in viewers.

By incorporating this type of content into your digital marketing strategy, you are positioning your company to expertly connect with your target audience, and create heightened attention to your marketing efforts and, ultimately, your product or service.

Explainer videos boost SEO.

Not only do explainer videos work wonders on their own, but they also help your company’s overall digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is still incredibly important for all businesses that are looking to improve their presence online and boost brand awareness in their market.

Explainer videos help raise your SEO ranking in two ways.

Firstly, when an individual watches your explainer video, there is a higher chance that the engaging content will result in them spending more time on your site. This, in turn, makes the top search engines (such as Google) grant your website a higher “dwell” metric and help your SEO ranking.

Additionally, because search engines highly prize content that contributes valuable information, a well-made explainer video can often be selected to show up in the main search page to bring the best answer to a customer’s search inquiry.

Furthermore, when you upload explainer videos (and any videos) to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, it is proven to present higher click-through rates than content that only has plain text. The higher your click-through rate, the quicker you can elevate your SEO ranking.

Don’t overlook the importance of the script.

There is no denying that the reason video content is so engaging is due to the visual effects and animation that can be incorporated into them; however, this isn’t to say that the script doesn’t play a significant role in the effectiveness of explainer videos.

If you want to be optimizing video time and enhancing its performance, then you want to be spending more time fine-tuning the script.

Generally, it is recommended that a script comprises four parts: problem, solution, how it works, and your call to action. By having these four components in your explainer video, you are giving enough information to spark interest but not too much that the video needs to be longer than 60 to 120 seconds.

Furthermore, your script needs to tell a story that has a strong yet relatable message because that is key to converting viewers into paying customers.

Keep in mind that the most powerful stories also incorporate understanding, sentiment, and viewer association, and even the smallest story elements can cause your explainer video to instantly be timeless (think evergreen content) and relatable – which is precisely what you want.

It is best to work with a video production agency.

No matter what industry your firm is operating in, you probably have realized early on that sometimes it is best to allow the professionals to come in and advise you on what they know.

This is particularly true when it comes to creating compelling explainer videos because a top quality agency will not only advise you on the appropriate video production strategy for your firm, but they will also aid you in putting out effective content that aligns with your company goals.

While there is undoubtedly significant power in video content, the fact of the matter is that you will be unable to harness that potential unless you know what you are doing.

By opting to work with the top explainer video agency in Australia, you can be assured that you are working with a team that has the necessary know-how, creativity, experience, and technical expertise to create brilliant video content. This means ensuring that the end product will effectively reach your target audience and be compelling enough to make them press play.

Has your business ever considered creating an explainer video? Is it a concept that you have ever heard of before?

Alternatively, are there other forms of video content that you are interested in making?

Let us know your thoughts, experiences, and any questions you may have related to this topic in the comments below!  


Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organizations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and has worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac, and the Australian Government, running campaigns and reaching millions of people.

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