InterviewsJeff Baxter Interview: The 7 Figure High Ticket Sales Expert

Jeff Baxter Interview: The 7 Figure High Ticket Sales Expert

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Today I’m going to talk with Jeff Baxter, the founder of Consulting Master Academy.

Jeff Baxter is a self-made 6-figure internet entrepreneur and an expert in Copywriting, PPC marketing, Lead generation, and Product Creation.

He’s got a lot to tell you about PPC campaigns and which ad networks are his favorite.

I talked to Jeff about his businesses and I’m happy to share his valuable insights.

Mr. Web Capitalist Interviews Jeff Baxter

Could you describe what do you do and how you earn your living?

Sure. I currently have two main business models.

The first is an advertising agency. With the agency, we run Facebook Ads and Google Ads for businesses of all sizes.

The second is my Consulting Master Academy. With the academy, we teach entrepreneurs how to start and or grow their own consulting business. Also, we teach our students how to sell their products or services at the “high ticket level”.

Tell me more about Consulting Master Academy. What’s included in your services and how much do they cost?

The Consulting Master Academy teaches entrepreneurs how to start and grow a successful consulting business.

The training is over 5 hours long with personal help from me and the price to join is all dependent on the client’s needs.

How did you get started?

I got started as an entrepreneur when I was about 15 years old working on my family farm selling chicken eggs and breeding rabbits.

By the age of 18, I came across online entrepreneurship and started out as an affiliate. Eventually, I started my own advertising agency then went into coaching and consulting.

Jeff Baxter interview

What’s your typical workday like?

A typical workday for me starts out by optimizing my advertising campaigns and focusing on “money making activities” which includes doing things such as creating content, creating sales funnels, etc. These things are typically done between 7 AM & 12 PM.

I’ll take a 2-hour break and the last part of my schedule would be me checking emails and support requests.

What makes You the most money?

Running ads for businesses. High ticket retainers are the best!

What is your Top source of traffic?

Google Ads/Youtube

Which paid traffic source do you prefer and why: Google or YouTube?

It really depends on what I’m doing, but overall I like Youtube better because the ad space is a lot bigger and it’s easier to scale there.

What are your thoughts on Facebook paid ads?

I love Facebook Paid Ads. I use them every single day in my business and spend upwards of $1,000 daily just on Facebook alone.

What is the secret of a successful PPC campaign?

The secret to a successful PPC Campaign is to test small and scale big.

Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

How long did it take you to master PPC marketing? Did you get a positive ROI on your first campaign?

It took me approximately 2 years to master PPC marketing. I lost over $4,000 on my first real advertising campaign.

Do you do your own copywriting for landing pages?

Yes, I do my own copywriting for my entire business. Sometimes I’ll even take on copywriting projects for others.

The last sales page that I wrote has already done over 6 figures in the past 60 days. I don’t consider myself a shotgun copywriter but I love it and pretty good at it.

What are the differences between selling low-ticket and high-ticket products?

In my opinion, low ticket products are priced from $1 to $97.

Mid ticket products are priced from $97 to $497.

High ticket products are over $500, preferably over $2k.

With high ticket products, you get more serious clients, period!

What’s your secret on selling high-ticket products?

The secret is to get prospects on the phone.

Most people are scared of the phone but we close nearly 100% of our sales by having a real live conversation first which increases overall conversions and reduces refunds.

Do you use an email list for your business? How does it help in your business?

Yes, I have a mailing list.

The mailing list helps my business as it allows me to keep in touch with my subscribers and further our relationship.

What do you like about online marketing?

The thing I love most about online marketing is the location freedom.

I can literally take a flight to Thailand right now, stay for a month and continue to make money as long as I have my laptop and wifi.

Which blogs do you read?

I don’t read many blogs these days, to be honest.

I’m more of a “Youtuber” and follow people such as Alex Becker, Dan Lok, and Miles Beckler.

Are there any must-have tools or resources you recommend for internet marketers?

clickfunnels for PPC campaigns

Yes, Clickfunnels. We use this to quickly build sales funnels without needing to hire a designer or programmer.

Scheduleonce. We use this to handle all of our appointments

What does the Internet Lifestyle mean to you?

It means being able to work from wherever, whenever I want. It means NOT having an income ceiling.

It means having total and ultimate FREEDOM.

What advice would you give to people just starting out with an online business?

My best advice would be to focus on ONE thing at a time.

Scale that one business model to at least 5 figures per month and then move on to something else.


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