Make Money Online5 Ways to Monetize a Blog

5 Ways to Monetize a Blog

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Money Making Blogging Tips – Affiliate Ads, In-Line Text Ads and More

Promoting a blog to readers, then creating enough interesting, timely content to keep them engaged is challenging. As of July 2019, there were over 400,000,000 blogs on the internet, with 54% of bloggers adding new content or tweeting daily. (Social Media Revolution video, Socialnomics.) But how many of those blogs actually made money?

Some bloggers would be happy to make enough money to pay their hosting fees, while others dream of quitting their jobs and blogging full time. Try these advertising programs alongside content creation and online promotion to create multiple streams of income.

Use Google AdSense for PPC Ads

Adding text ads to a blog is simple with Google AdSense PPC ads. Google generates a string of code to add as a widget or in the blog’s HTML. Beginner bloggers using Google’s Blogger can simply choose “Monetize your blog” in their blog’s layout to automate the process.

Bloggers can manage multiple URLs from one AdSense account and receive a payout after earning at least $100.00.

Monetize a Blog with Kontera In-Text Ads offers a slightly different type of PPC ad revenue. Bloggers sign up and again use a string of HTML code generated by Kontera in a blog widget or the blog template.

Kontera matches keywords in the blog content with advertiser keywords and highlights the word for readers. Hovering over the underlined, colored-font keyword displays a pop-up window with the ad. If the reader clicks through, the blogger is paid a portion of the ad revenue. A minimum $100 in earnings results in a payout.

Display Amazon Affiliate Marketing Products in a Carousel or A-Store

The Amazon Affiliate program offers a number of advertising display models. One is the carousel. Bloggers choose a number of Amazon products to display in a graphic carousel reader can flip through.

Amazon also offers the A-Store, a webpage of hand-picked or random products located on the site or on a separate page. Bloggers receive a percentage of sales revenue.

LinkShare Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Bloggers

Bloggers sign up with LinkShare, then apply to any number of advertisers. Some advertisers approve all webmasters, while others manually screen submissions and accept publishers based on website traffic and topic.

Once accepted by an advertiser, choose a text or banner ad and generate a string of code to use in sidebars or within blog posts. Each advertiser offers a percentage of sales revenue.

Add a Custom Search Bar for More Money Making Blogging Opportunities

Use Google’s Custom Search (within the AdSense program) to generate another stream of income. Choose whether Google searches specific pages, or the entire web.

Bloggers make money when a reader uses the search bar to find information and clicks on a result to visit the page.

Develop a Solid Money Making Blogging Strategy

If making money blogging was easy, we would see far more self-made millionaires and advertisers would go bankrupt. Many variables work together to determine the success of a blog: content creation, regular updates, social media marketing and other promotion, design, and more.

Test different strategies individually to learn which produce the best results. It is not uncommon for successful bloggers to have several failures before finding the winning formula. These money making blogging tips could help subsidize the expense of developing several blogs in search of the winner.

See Keyword Discovery Tips for help finding better keywords and phrases to rank higher in organic search engine results.

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