What You Should Know About Domain Names

What You Should Know About Domain Names

When you start a website, the big question is what your domain name should be. As a rule, make it simple and easy to remember, so that people find their way to it easily every time. Your domain name should be professional and not crazy, funny, long, or hard to spell. If your domain name tells people that your site is not to be taken seriously, they are likely not to give you their business.

It is important to note that while a domain name may be recognized by search engines, it still may not be the best option. A domain name that sounds professional will make surfers perceive you as a solid, serious business, which is more important than just being catchy.

Domain names are not very expensive. They generally only cost about $100. Many different companies offer domain name registration. At first glance, it may seem like a good idea to have a domain on AOL or Geocities, because it is so affordable. However, many search engines may ignore your site if it is on one of these small budget sites. It also gives the impression that your company needs to cut corners to stay in business.

An easy way to substantially increase your ranking on some search engines is to include one or more keywords in your domain name. It may be more effective to separate the individual words in your domain name, for example, you might name your site small-engine-service.com, as opposed to smallengines.com. On the other hand, this might also make your domain name harder to remember. You have to strike a balance.

Another clever trick is to register multiple domain names which use your keywords, and possible similar names, and have these link directly to your main site. This is also a good way to have multiple email addresses that contain your domain name. Umberto@smallengines.com will seem more professional to your customers than smallengines_46@yahoo.com.The obvious down side to this idea is that you have to pay for each of these so called ‘doorway’ sites.

If you do decide that the cost of these doorway sites is warranted, take note that search engines will often ignore them. If they have no content, only a direct link to your main site, search engines will outwit them. To prevent this, you have to have some sort of content at each doorway site.

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