The Best Freelance Website To Outsource Your Digital Marketing Tasks

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Marketing is the biggest challenge every small business owner face. Small businesses fail to thrive because they can’t market their business the right way.

Small business marketing is becoming more digitalized, but marketing your business and services online is very difficult due to massive competition, you should however never lose faith, there is always a way to beat the game.

The best way to go around it is to hire professional marketers that will handle all your digital marketing tasks. Hiring a professional digital marketer onsite could cost you a lot of money; probably you can’t even afford it.

You can hire freelance marketers that can monitor and improve all your online activities. Even if your budget is small you should be able to afford to hire freelance marketers. You should choose options that will suit your budget.

You need to first break down the projects you need help with and then find a suitable freelancer or marketing agency that will take care of all your marketing efforts and at the same time without breaking your bank.

If you’re a small business owner you might not even know where to start or the tasks to outsource. The first challenge is setting up a website and blog, then establishing social media presence, and most importantly getting your first few customers online.

All these tasks can be outsourced. Freelance marketers will work with you at different stages of your digital marketing campaigns.

So Which Is The Best Freelance Website To Outsource Your Digital Marketing Tasks?

There are a lot of freelance websites out there that promise to deliver whatever you’re looking for, but when it comes to marketing it’s not every freelance website that can deliver results.

But how about finding a website that only focuses on improving your online marketing promotions? A site that has a team of professionals that have all the skills you’re looking for in the digital marketing world.


Mayple logo - freelance

One such website is Mayple. It is a digital marketing firm that provides innovative solutions to small and large business owners at affordable rates. Their excellent digital marketing services have helped a lot of businesses to acquire more customers online.

Let’s take a look at some of the services they provide to businesses and how you can also use the site to grow your business.

Marketing Strategy

This is the first step towards launching any successful marketing campaign whether it’s online or offline, if you invest your money in the wrong digital marketing strategy you’ll end up not getting any positive result from your marketing campaigns.

Most small businesses think that they have the right marketing strategy in place, but they don’t actually understand it’s a broad term.

So what’s an effective marketing strategy?

This involves all the techniques you need to direct your resources towards the best strategies that will provide more customers for your business and also get a sustainable advantage over your competitors.

An effective marketing strategy should be planned wisely and for long-term, if you want a strong awareness for your business or services.

Mayple professional team will help you in the following ways:

Target The Right Audience

Before investing your hard-earned money you need to find the right audience and the professional team at Mayple specializes in helping you find out the right audience for your business.

They’ll ensure that they find individuals that are interested in your product and services.

There is no single platform that has customers for all businesses. Some are more effective than others and at Mayple you get all the help you need for finding the right audience for your business.

They’ll determine the age group and location of your potential customers and design a promotion that will reach out to them cost-effectively within a short time.


Every business wants to get better brand awareness for its target audience.

There are a lot of tactics out there that could help with brand awareness, but more people generalize and use the same platform.

Creating brand awareness online is all about content and Mayple will help you create the best possible content across all marketing platforms, this includes creating high-quality videos, articles, images, info-graphics, presentations, and podcasts.

This form of content creates lasting impressions to your potential audience.

Communicate With Your Clients Effectively

If you can’t turn leads into customers then your marketing strategy isn’t complete.

You need to communicate with your potential leads and clients effectively if you want to survive in any business.

You can’t create social media accounts and assume people will come and like your pages.

You have to interact with the audience if you want to create a successful brand for your business.

Mayple team of professional marketers specializes in creating engagement with your potential prospects through different media channels. With Mayple services you can increase your brand following in a relatively short period of time.

Any successful marketing strategy is going to take some time and commitment but as a small business owner, you don’t need to worry about that because Mayple will take all of that for you.

If you want to reach more audience in a relatively short period of time you need to invest in paid ads. But without a proper strategy, you can end up spending all your money and not getting any return on investment.

When it comes to paid ads, Mayple will help in these areas:

With hundreds of services out there it’s difficult to decide on paid ads that are suitable for your business and also within your budget.

Mayple team will come up with the best services when it comes to paid advertising for your business and also ensure that you get a high return on your investments.

Get Market Insights

You can use your marketing budget to learn about market trends so that you can plan better. Your assigned Mayple expert will give you insight and performance reports on the chosen platforms so that you can focus your investments onto them.

Come Up With The Best Ads

Even finding the best-paid ads website won’t help you much if you can’t create the right ads that are suitable for your business. Experts at Mayple will design, test and find the best performing ads that will attract more clicks to your campaigns. They’ll ensure that you’re getting the best possible traffic to your product and services.

Content And SEO

Yet another great service offered by Mayple team, if you want to get a targeted audience you need to invest in SEO and you can’t succeed with SEO without creating the right content, and that’s why Content and SEO go together.

You’ll get the following benefits at Mayple when it comes to SEO and Content creation:

SEO Optimized website

SEO starts with your website structure, and if your website isn’t optimized for search engine optimization all SEO efforts put on your website won’t work. Your website will be analyzed to ensure that it’s well structured to be optimized in all the major search engines we have.

User-Friendly website

Your Mayple expert will make your website user-friendly and easier to navigate. If your website isn’t user-friendly you’ll end up losing conversions. You need to have a clean and uncluttered website that will ensure your visitors stay longer. Mayple will help with that. Suggestions will be provided on areas that need improvement.

Get more customers from search results

No better way to generate leads for your business than search engine results, that’s what SEO is all about, that’s to ensure that you’re getting customers from the search engines.

Mayple will help you in this area than any freelance website out there. You need to have the right titles for your pages, in other words, you need persuading titles because even if your website managed to get high rankings on search engines and titles aren’t attractive and promising no one will click on your page. You can rely on Mayple for customer outreach in search engines.

Conversion optimization

In as much as you spend time driving traffic to your website or business, you have to make sure that your visitors take whatever action you want them to take on your website. With Mayple conversion and optimization strategy you’ll benefit from the following:

Learn About Your Audience

With Mayple team by your side, you can learn about your audience’s behavior on the website so that you can make changes and improvements that will provide better results for your marketing campaigns.

Without proper conversion optimization, you’ll hardly make significant sales from your website. All of your marketing campaigns will fail.

Increase Your Sales

You can learn about different strategies that need to be implemented if you want to increase your sales. Mayple team will help you upgrade your visuals, reduce form fields, optimize your content and use A/B testing.

Reduce Your Customer Acquisition Cost

The more you reduce customer acquisition cost the more profit you make for your business. Mayple will help you mix elements on your landing pages that will provide the best return on your investment.

Controlling customer acquisition costs is all about showing relevant ads to relevant landing pages and you’ll get help with that.

There are a lot of benefits you’ll get when it comes to customer acquisition costs if you’re using Mayple services.

These are some of the major services offered at Mayple and how they can improve your business.

Why choose Mayple?

Well, as they said: Results don’t lie, Mayple have delivered amazing results to their clients.

Let’s look at some case studies:

Terrano Systems

Mayple freelancers - Terrano case study

Mayple has helped Terrano systems to increase their conversions by 570% within just six months.

Terrano systems are a big player in the eCommerce industry and they deliver high-end communication tools and devices for bikers.

This is a great achievement for any business out there, whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise.

After the founder had spent a lot of time struggling to increase their sales orders online, finally their struggle came to an end after using Mayple services.

The founder Arbel Kuperman understands that his business needs to take advantage of digital marketing but he doesn’t have much knowledge on the matter, so he had to seek help with Mayple services and the results were outstanding.

He tried two other digital marketing agencies in the past, but with no results. Mayple, on the other hand, succeeded in achieving the results they wanted.


This is another company that Mayple helped to achieve 5.5 ROI on their platform.

Homestyle manufacture and import textile products for home use. They market their products worldwide and they’re left behind in their digital marketing campaigns.

As they’re starting out they have a big challenge to begin selling their product and services online and this is because there is a big competition in the industry.

On Mayple’s platform, they were able to increase their ROI within a few months. They achieved an ROI of 5.5 within months which is something extraordinary.


At Mayple you’re not just hiring freelancers that will be paid by the hour; you’re hiring professional teams of digital marketers that will deliver results.

Every important aspect of your business will be taken into consideration before launching any digital marketing campaign.

Mayple will help your business connect with digital marketing experts that will take care of your marketing needs, and will ensure that everyone is working in the direction of your marketing goals.

Not only that you receive suggestions that are best suited for your business. Mayple will help you save time and money than when you decide to recruit freelance marketers on your own.

The online marketing industry provides a lot of opportunities to both small and large scale businesses, but at the same time, things can be complicated. There is the need to have the right team that will guide all your digital marketing investments.

Every digital marketer claims to be the best but they don’t hold to their promise. They’ll suck your money by charging on every hour spent on your project without actually delivering results.

At Mayple things are different because you have access to the best team, so don’t hesitate to try out their services if you really want to succeed in promoting your business online.